Quality Trainer

Εκπαίδευση μέσω e-learning που σας μαθαίνει στατιστική και πώς να αναλύετε τα δεδομένα σας με το Minitab.

Our e-learning course that teaches you statistics and how to analyze your data with Minitab.


Engaging Instruction

Engaging Instruction

Quickly learn complex statistical methods through animated lessons that bring them to life.


Integration with Minitab

Learn how to use Minitab Statistical Software (Release 14 or higher) to perform every analysis covered.

Interactive Quizes

Interactive Quizzes

Test your knowledge, understand why your answers are correct or incorrect, and learn which lessons to review to fully master the material.

Hands On Exercises

Hands-On Exercises

Practice the concepts you learn by working through real-world scenarios.

Dynamic Table of Contents

Dynamic Table of Contents

Progress through the course chapter by chapter or skip to a specific topic to review.

Searchable Index

Searchable Index

Enter key terms and concepts and click through to relevant sections and activities.



Access an extensive collection of statistical terms with complete, illustrated definitions.

Manage Your Team

Manage Your Learning

Use a central web site to track individual and group subscriptions, review progress reports and quiz scores, and issue completion certificates.

Content Outline

Quality Trainer contains the following chapters and sections.

Descriptive Statistics and Graphical Analysis

Types of Data, Using Graphs to Analyze Data, Using Statistics to Analyze Data

Statistical Inference

Fundamentals of Statistical Inference, Sampling Distributions, Normal Distribution

Hypothesis Tests and Confidence Intervals

Tests and Confidence Intervals, 1-Sample t-Test, 2 Variances Test, 2-Sample t-Test, Paired t-Test, 1 Proportion Test, 2 Proportions Test, Chi-Square Test

Control Charts

Statistical Process Control, Control Charts for Variables Data in Subgroups, Control Charts for Individual Observations, Control Charts for Attributes Data

Process Capability

Process Capability for Normal Data, Capability Indices, Process Capability for Nonnormal Data

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Fundamentals of ANOVA, One-Way ANOVA, Two-Way ANOVA

Correlation and Regression

Relationship Between Two Quantitative Variables, Simple Regression

Measurement Systems Analysis

Fundamentals of Measurement Systems Analysis, Repeatability and Reproducibility, Graphical Analysis of a Gage R&R Study, Variation, ANOVA with a Gage R&R Study, Gage Linearity and Bias Study, Attribute Agreement Analysis

Design of Experiments

Factorial Designs, Blocking and Incorporating Center Points, Fractional Factorial Designs, Response Optimization


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