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CoPlot's Animated Graphs and Drawings
(for animating strip charts, spinning 3D graphs,
visualization of changes over time, animated gif files,
and viewing a series of graphs or drawings as if they were a movie)

There are several places in CoPlot with VCR-like buttons that let you easily animate CoPlot's graphs and drawings. CoPlot creates and displays the animations on-the-fly. These allow you to view a series of graphs or drawings as if they were a movie. They allow you to view large volumes of data in ways that aren't possible with static graphs.

Animated .gif Files

The animated .gif files above are a pretty accurate simulation of the actual animations created on-the-fly by CoPlot. We could have made the animation in the animated .gif files smoother, but the files become much larger and slower to download. Although CoPlot currently can't create animated .gif files directly from its animations, it is still pretty easy to do. We created these animated .gif files by using a CoPlot macro to save individual frames of an animation in separate .gif files. We then combined the individual .gif files into an animated .gif file with a separate program which specializes in making animated .gif files. We use and recommend "GIF Construction Set Professional", a $20 shareware program from Alchemy Mindworks Inc.

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