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CoPlot System Requirements

CoPlot is a Java program, so it needs Java to run. Java is included with the free CoPlot trial version and on the CoPlot CD and is installed automatically. No, Java programs aren't slow.

In general, if your computer meets the system requirements for Java 1.3, the CoHort programs will work fine.

As you might expect, more memory will be needed if you work with very large files. Help : About (in each program) provides information about the program's memory usage.

If you have a pre-Pentium computer or use an operating system which doesn't support Java (like DOS or Windows 3.1), we recommend you stick to theDOS versions of our programs (sorry).

Disk Space - The minimal installation of CoPlot (from the web site or the CD) is about 7 MB (not counting Java). The standard CD installation (which includes the world map data files) is about 11 MB (not counting Java). The complete CD installation (including all detailed U.S. map data files) is about 21 MB (not counting Java).

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