Expressionist EXPRESSIONIST (Win & Mac)

O τέλειος Equation Editor

Typeset Quality Equations for your Technical Documents

You need to make your documents and presentations presentable. Your work, and how you communicate each point, is important to you. And to write a complete report you need a complete math equation editor.
Expressionist is ideal for your technical reports, presentations, theses, research, homework, tests and other scientific work because it allows you to add specific equations to your documents.
Expressionist is a mathematical equation editor with editing tools arranged as icon buttons on a palette. You save time because there is no complicated programming language to learn.
Produce even the most complex equations by simply clicking icons and pasting expressions directly into your document. Your equations are effortlessly inserted into your technical paper with all of the appropriate colors and symbols.
Expressionist's unique design allows you to use it in conjunction with your favorite word processing package to quickly and easily create professional documents.
Expressionist is character oriented and comes with over 300 mathematical symbols and structures. The palette is customizable with pop-ups containing mathematical structures, symbols, and editing tools. No proprietary or special fonts are required for mathematical typesetting.
Compatible with popular word processing, page layout, presentation, and drawing software including software from Microsoft®, Aldus®, Wordperfect®, Lotus® and Adobe®.

Special Features:

Color backgrounds, color expressions, and equation rotation
Copy-as-text facility for use with LaTeXTM, TeXTM, eqn, and similar text-based typesetting systems
Frame enclosures, and hierarchical tree structures

Matrix Features:

Extensive matrix manipulation features including alignment, spacing, and partition lines
Cut and paste whole rows or columns
Matrix sizes limited only by available memory
Special tensor structure for general relativity

Flexibility Features:

Change command for subtle alterations of math stiuctures
Custom Macros
Tweak feature for pixel-by-pixel adjustments
Fine adjustments, local or global
Specify resolution of output
EPS and PICT file formats


Guide and magnify modes for ease of editing
Find and Replace facility
Magic Alignment


Expressionist, an equation editor, is a powerful application and desk accessory that enables technical equations and symbols to be quickly and easily created and placed into your word processor, page layout, or presentation documents. It is intuitive and completely WYSIWYG. There are no programming languages to learn or syntax errors to puzzle with.
Expressionist offers you an easy-to-use interface. Special mathematical symbols and Greek letters are available to construct your equations. Just click an icon on the palette that represents a particular structure or symbol. Everything is already pre-formatted, spaced, and sized optimally for perfect equations.
Expressionist also allows you to customise expressions the way you want, quickly and easily. Create macros of frequently used structures and symbols and place them on the palette. Change the style and line thickness; control the positioning of sub- and superscripts. Group symbols and structures into easy-to-find pop-up palettes. Expressionist creates quality equations in high resolution formats including PICT and PostScript files. You can even convert your WYSIWYG equations into TeX and LaTeX, the technical text-based typesetting standard.
Expressionist is not only System 7 compatible, but has many features that enable it to work better with other applications automatically. The Edit Graphic Object (EGO) Apple event allows you to call-up Expressionist while actually working in a word-processor, page layout, or other program. Simply double click on the embedded Expressionist equation in your program. Expressionist opens up automatically with an equation in a window waiting to be edited. Make your changes, close the window, and your new equation is already in the document. Expressionist also knows how to automatically align equations in-line with text. Simply paste your equation into an application and Expressionist does the rest.

System Requirements

1 MB of RAM
Runs on Mac Plus and above
System 6, A/UX, 32-bit
Virtual Memory Compatible
System 7 Savvy

2 MB of RAM
Windows 3.1+
Supports OLE

Features of Expressionist

Use as an application or desk accessory (DA)
On-line Balloon Help (System 7)
Ruler with justifcation and tab stops
Guide and Magnify modes for ease of editing
Search and Replace feature
Adjustable pre-, sub-, and superscripts
Optional integral styles and thicknesses
Optional fences styles and thicknesses
Tweak feature for pixel-by-pixel adjustments
Thin Space for fine spacing adjustments
Box enclosures
Independent matrix column widths
Matrix partition lines
Spreadsheet-style matrix selection
Expression and symbol rotation
Special Tensor structure for General Relativity
Colour equations (foreground and background)
EPS and PICT file output
Optional picture formats (high and low resolution bitmap, PICT, PostScript)
Hierarchical tree structures (vertical and horizontal)
Font descriptions (like style sheets)
Pop-up sub-palettes
User-definable keystrokes
Custom macros
User configurable palette
WYSIWYG to TEX and LATEX translators
Export/import equations to and from Theorist

High quality output on the ImageWriter, LaserWriter, and Linotronic type printers


Η τιμή του προγράμματος είναι:

Για Ιδιώτες και Επιχειρήσεις 79.000 δρχ + ΦΠΑ 18%.
Για Πανεπιστήμια 75.000 δρχ + ΦΠΑ 18%.
Για Φοιτητές 69.000 (περιλαμβανομένου του ΦΠΑ 18%)

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