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Including SADK (Simnon Advanced Developers Kit)

Simnon screenshot SIMNON is just as useful for the simulation of chemical processes as power stations. It may be used for complex control algorithms, for financial models, robot dynamics. Every system, which can be defined in mathematical terms, can also be simulated in SIMNON .
Thousands of people all over the world are using SIMNON as an efficient tool to simulate processes and products. Universities and research centres in more than 40 countries have found SIMNON  to be a great program for interactive simulation.

Download a free demo   

(The demo version is fully functional, but has a built in time limit.)

SIMNON is a product of SSPA, Sweden, and a registrated trademark of Department of Automatic Control, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden. ICON.BMP (191610 bytes)

Many features in SIMNON 3.0, including:   

  • Basically, SIMNON  is command driven. It is in fact the most user friendly Windows program you can ever run - almost every command can be entered either as keyboard input, or by pressing a button on the tool bar or using entries on the menu bar. Experienced SIMNON  users prefer the command line. This is by far the best way to take advantage of SIMNON ’s excellent speed.
  • Writing a model in SIMNON  is as easy as typing it on your keyboard. Y=SIN(X). That’s it! Even the most complicated formulas are written as in your textbook. The intelligent editor helps you to avoid typing errors, by colouring reserved words as you write them.
  • Calculations are now performed in double precision.
  • Real Time Simulation. The real time capability of SIMNON  3.0 is a unique feature under Windows. You can control the simulation speed with millisecond accuracy.
  • Do you want a mathematical engine in the background? In SIMNON 3.0 you can add start-up arguments to control the behaviour of SIMNON . Start a specific simulation or send any other command to SIMNON  to be executed at start-up. It is even possible to start SIMNON  in a completely hidden mode, and still get results via DDE or RPC to other programs!
  • DDE/RPC links. Via DDE or RPC links, SIMNON  can receive commands and return results during an ongoing simulation.
  • Colour syntax editor.
  • An exception handling (e.g. mathematical faults) is implemented.
  • State of the art help file. This contains a complete tutorial, containing A to Z in simulation techniques. And the examples are ready to run.
  • SADK (Simnon AddOn Development Kit) permits you to write your own extensions to SIMNON . It can be a new mathematical function, a new graph type or an interface to an A/D-D/A converter. SADK is shipped with every copy of SIMNON 3.0.

   Facts and Figures

Modelling Language Command Language
Differential equations
Difference equations
Conditional expressions
30 basic functions
Transcendental functions
DELAY,FUNCtion Tables
NORMAL, RECTangular Noise
Drive simulation from stored data: RFILE
User Queries
OnLine Help
Local Variables
Repetition and Loops
Conditional Execution
Plots, Label, Printing
Functions and Macro Editing
Export and Import Data
Export of Graphs in High Resolution Bitmap
Export of Graphs in EPS and HPGL Format


   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) States up to 10 000
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Subsystems up to 100
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Time Delays up to 50
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Function Tables up to 50
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Plot Variables up to 32
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Stored Variables up to 100
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Stored Points Limited only by disk space
Integration Algorithms
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg 4th 5th (4th with variable and fixed step size)
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg 2nd/3rd
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Euler
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Dormand-Prince 4th/5th (also including prop. Regular)
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Real time Simulations
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) DDE/RPC Links
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) SADK included
   WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) AddOn Modules can be linked at run time


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