Swimming Pool Module


With T*SOL Version 4.02’s additional Swimming Pool Module an indoor or outdoor pool can be added to the solar cycle. The module offers a choice of five different system configurations.

System with indoor pool and combination tank with internal heat exchanger for the provision of hot water and space heating
In addition to the calculation of solar yield for hot water preparation and space heating, the programme determines the influence of a solar system on swimming pool temperature. The additional energy that has to be provided by a boiler (if the pool is to be kept at a fixed temperature) can also be calculated. The T*SOL operating screen is extremely user-friendly. The most important parameters required for simulation (operating, pool, cover and heating parameters) are entered quickly and easily onto the swimming pool dialogue worksheets.

System with outdoor pool

System with bivalent hot water tank and swimming pool System with bivalent hot water tank, space heating and swimming pool Solar system with heat exchanger and swimming pool