Since its introduction in 1990, SimaPro is the most widely used software for life cycle assessment. SimaPro is succesfully used by hundreds of multinationals, consultants, research institutes and universities.
SimaPro is a professional LCA software tool. Complex products with complex life cycles are easily compared and analyzed. The inventory databases and the impact assessment methods can be edited and expanded without limitation. The ability to trace the origin of any result makes SimaPro unique.

SimaPro has all the features that can be expected of a professional LCA software package:

  • Several impact assessment methods
  • Several inventory databases
  • Open and transparent database structure.
  • Fast data entry and modeling.
  • Direct impact assessment calculations from each point in a database or project.
  • All results can be traced back to their origins with a few mouse clicks
  • Weak point analysis: using the process tree you can easily identify the "hot spots" in your life cycle
  • Allocation of multiple output processes.
  • Analyze take-back and disassembly of products, as well as complex waste treatment and recycling scenario’s.
  • Copy and paste tables and graphs to spreadsheets and word processors.
  • Database consistency checks.
  • Import and export functions for databases and processes.
  • Run and create scripts

Currently the following impact assessment methods are included in SimaPro:

  • Eco-indicator 99
  • Eco-indicator 95
  • CML 92
  • Ecopoints 97

Currently the following databases with inventory data and/or scripts are available for SimaPro:

  • PRé 4 database (included)
  • BUWAL 250 (included)
  • IDEMAT (included)
  • Franklin US LCI database (included in non education service contracts)
  • Dutch Concrete database with scripts ((included for Dutch users)
  • IVAM database 2.0 (only through IVAM Environmental Reseach)
  • FEFCO corrugated board database with scripts (only through FEFCO)

To see all features, impact assessment methods and a selection of inventory data download the SimaPro demo. The Guided Tour will take you through SimaPro. Demo manuals in various languages are available.

The SimaPro Family

SimaPro comes a range of products:

  • SimaPro Analyst (single user)
  • SimaPro multi-user, for project teams
  • SimaPro plus option, to program scripts
  • SimaPro Light, to run scripts
  • Educational versions at reduced prices
  • Use SimaPro to calculate data for ECO-it

The SimaPro family allows you to implement LCA in your organization in a flexible way. SimaPro can grow with the increasing importance of LCA in your organization.


Reduced prices available for educational use.


Upgrading from an existing SimaPro single user license to a multi user license is possible. After upgrading you can still work with the same database without loosing your data.

Adding a Plus option to program scripts can be done any time. The possibility to create scripts is a unique feature in SimaPro. Scripts enable those who are unfamiliar with SimaPro or Life Cycle Assessment to model and analyze products through a predefined question and answer tree. The scripts function can save your company valuable time. It can also drastically reduce the chances of introducing errors by limiting the choices available and directing the user at each step of the way.

Order information

SimaPro will run under Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT. Multi user network versions need either IPX or Netbios protocol. 32 Mb RAM memory is recommended for Windows 95 and 98, 64 MB for Windows NT and 2000.