This section presents high quality Air Pollution software applications that are currently available on the world market.

ISC-AERMOD View. Seamless integration of today's leading air dispersion models in a single interface - ISCST3, AERMOD and ISC PRIME. ISC-AERMOD includes a powerful post processor to generate graphical results, two meteorological data preprocessors, import of terrain elevation, and ability to process different base maps including DXF, USGS DLG, LULC, DEM, UK
NTF, DTM, XYZ, Shapefiles, and Bitmaps.

BREEZE® Air Suite. for Windows—an integrated family of air dispersion modeling products for continuous releases that will allow you to increase productivity, visualize your data and instantly analyze air quality issues. Our customers find these products easy to learn and use because of their commontool bars and their consistencywith other Windows
applications. Products: ISC Suite, AERMOD Suite, ROADS, AIR SCREEN3.
SMHI International Consulting Services. SMHI has developed a methodology to work with environmental information based on a software with a geographical interface - the Indic-Airviro System. Today more than 80 Indic-Airviro customers world-wide, authorities and industries, use the system to improve and structure their environment management work. The software is a flexible modularised system that helps the user to save time and costs, and it makes it possible to start out on a small scale and add on modules as needed.
ADMS. The Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System (ADMS) range of operational air quality models are scientifically the most advanced available. ADMS 3 is more sophisticated than AERMOD or ISC and uniquely takes account of buildings, complex terrain and deposition in a self consistent manner and also includes concentration fluctuations for odour assessment. ADMS-Roads is more flexible and offers more features than CALINE whilst ADMS-Urban is the system for urban air quality. EMIT is the atmospheric emissions toolkit for processing emissions data.

SophMOD.The sophMOD Windows 32 (Windows 95/98/NT) application provides a powerful yet simple to use integrated interface to the standard EPA dispersion models (ISC3 -Short-Term, Long-Term, Prime and Event, AERMOD, and SCREEN3). By providing a searchable database system which maintains all data for each individual model run which the user creates, and a checklist wizzard which guides the user through the modelling steps and keeps track of run status, model input files can be quickly created and submitted. The models are DLL versions of the official EPA code and run in background mode so that the user can continue with other operations within sophMOD, further increasing productivity.

PAM. The Pollutant/Air Modeling software (PAM) is a unique tool that predicts potential future exceedances of air emissions permits. PAM helps managers uncover future exceedances of air emissions permits before they happen, so that corrective actions can be taken and future noncompliance situations can be avoided.

BEE-Line Software. Enhanced BEE-Line versions of popular EPA dispersion models, such as ISCST3, are vast improvements over "bare bones" EPA versions. Our BEEST for Windows Modeling Manager incorporates power versions of ISCST3 and BPIP into a seamless Windows interface. Intuitive data entry, full Excel-compatible cut/copy/paste of all data grids, DEM digitized terrain data support, on-screen graphics (shown at right) -- all these and so much more make BEEST for Windows the choice for modeling for permits. Available also the following programs: 112(r)_Suite, which includes ALL of the following SLAB for Windows, SCREEN3 for Windows, and INPUFF2 for Windows. The last 3 programs can be sold also separately.

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