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3D MASTER - Create Informative and Impressive 3D Images for your Groundwater Flow and Transport Models (10/04)

3DFATMIC - 3-D Subsurface Flow and Fate and Transport of Microbes and Chemicals Model

3DFEMFAT - 3-D Finite-Element Model of Flow and Transport through Saturated-Unsaturated Media

ADEPT - A Program for Aquifer Data Evaluation

AERMOD Suite , air quality modeling system (6/00)

AIRFLOW/SVE - Three-Phase Multicomponent Soil Vapor Extraction Model

AIR SCREEN 3 - for analyzing single sources in simple or complex terrain (6/00)

AQTESOLV - all-in-one package for the analysis of pumping tests, slug tests and single-well tests (05/00)

AQUA3D - 3D Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Model

AquaChem - Aqueous Geochemical Analysis, Plotting and Modeling

AquaDyn - Hydrodynamic Simulation Package for Open Channels - Rivers, Lakes, and Estuaries

AQUASEA - Tidal Flow in Estuaries and Coastal Areas, Lake Circulation, Transport Modeling

AQUIFEM-N - Finite-Element Aquifer Flow Model

AquiferTest for Windows - Pumping Test and Slug Test Analysis for Windows

Aquifer Test Toolbox - Excel Workbooks for Aquifer Test Data

Aquiferwin32 - pumping tests and slug test analysis software. (04/02)

AQUIPACK - Aquifer Properties and Contaminant Transport Analysis

Argus ONE - Preprocessor and Postprocessor for Any Model

ARTS - a hydraulic analysis and design software package, fulfilling the analytical needs of water and wastewater engineers. (04/02)

AT123D - Analytical Groundwater Transport Model for Long-Term Pollutant Fate and Migration

AUSTAL View - Lagrangian Particle Tracking Air Dispersion Model AUSTAL2000 - German Federal Environmental Agency (09/04)

BALANCE - Mass Transfer for Geochemical Reactions Model

Basin2 - Trace the evolution of groundwater flow regimes in sedimentary basins through geologic time (05/00)

BillPro - Time and Materials Billing Program for Environmental Professionals

BIO1D - Biodegradation and Sorption in Contaminant Transport - Analyze Laboratory Data

BIOF&T 2-D/3-D - Biodegradation, Flow and Transport in the Saturated/Unsaturated Zones

BIOMOD 3-D - Bioremediation, Fate and Transport for MODFLOW

BIOPLUME II - Transport of Dissolved Hydrocarbons Under the Influence of Oxygen-Limited Biodegradation

BIOPLUME III - A 2D, finite difference model for simulating the biodegradation of hydrocarbons in groundwater

BIOSLURP - Multiphase Hydrocarbon Vacuum Enhanced Recovery (Bioslurping) and Transport

BioSVE - Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and Vacuum Enhanced Recovery with Bioventing

Biotas - Statistical and GIS tool for ecologists and resource professionals (01/01)

BioTrends - evaluation of natural attenuation trends (02/00)

BioTracker - 1-D Modeling of Natural Attenuation Processes (02/00)

Bubbles - interactive production logging analysis application to interpret oil/water production or injection wells (06/00)

CALPUFF View - CALPUFF View is a PRE- and POST-Processor for CALPUFF. (10/04)

CALRoads View - Highway and Traffic Air Dispersion Modelling, based on CALTRANS's models. (09/04)

CAM View - Compliance Assurance Monitoring Model. (1/05)

CapdetWorks - for design and cost of wastewater treatment system alternatives and planning level costs for Construction. Also annual Operation, Maintenance, Chemical and Energy Costs (05/01)

Canoma - create photorealistic 3D models from scanned or digital photographs (06/00)

Chemflo - Simulates Water and Chemical Movement in Unsaturated Soils

ChemFlux - 2D and 3D contaminant transport modeling. (10/05)

ChemGraph - a very efficient system for entering, storing, and reporting environmental data. (10/05)

ChemPath - Innovative 3-D Solute Transport Package

ChemPoint - RCRA and CERCLA Ground-Water Analysis Database for Windows

ChemStat - RCRA Subtitle C and D Statistical Analysis Software

CrossLog - Log cross section software for the geology industry (06/00)

CrossLog Suite - An enhanced Log cross section software for the geology industry (06/00)

CTRAN/W - Finite-Element Contaminant Transport and Migration Analysis

DEGADIS - by Breeze. A dense-gas dispersion model.

Delta Graph - Easy, All-Purpose Charting (06/00)

Didger 3 - Digitizing in 32-Bit Windows

DIGGIS - capture data and export them into your favorite GIS program (06/00)

Digitize - Digitizing in 32-Bit Windows

DRILL GUIDE - Site Investigation and Assessment

DSP - for analyzing the design, operation and optimization of prefermenters in biological nutrient removal (BNR) wastewater treatment plants (04/00)

EcoRisk View - Ecological Risk Assessment Program (US EPA guidance compliant). (1/05)

EFOR - simulation package for modeling the processes in a wastewater treatment plant (03/03)

Emissions View - GIS Based Emission Inventory and Estimation. (1/05)

Enviro Base Pro - Searchable Database of Referenced values for Soil Properties, Chemical Properties, Adsorption, Half-Life, Dispersivity and Drinking Water Standards. (10/05)

Enviro Data - for storing and displaying environmental site data (11/99)

Enviro Scape - Environmental Education Table Top Models

Enviro Spase - environmental spatial database management software (11/99)

Enviro Stats - spatial groundwater database management software (11/99)

EQuIS Hydrology - manages all types of surface water quality data through a flexible, easy-to-use interface (03/03)

EQuIS Geology - Geology, Hydrogeology and Geotechnical Data Management System

EVS - customizable 3D analysis and visualization system. (10/05)

FastLog - well log digitizing (06/00)

FEFLOW - Finite Element Subsurface Flow System - density-dependent groundwater flow, contaminant transport and thermal or heat transport model (11/99)

Filter Drain - Design of Side Drains, Bottom Drains, and Underdrains

FLONET/TRANS - 2-D Cross-Sectional Steady-State Groundwater Flow and Transport Model

FLOWPATH II - 2-D Groundwater Flow, Remediation, and Wellhead Protection Model

FLOWTHRU - Calculates Ground-Water Flow Regimes Near Shallow Surface-Water Bodies

FLOWatch Operations 2000 - Provides data tracking & analysis for membrane plants used in water treatment and desalination.(02/01)

GACMan - Modelling adsorption in water treatment. (02/01)

GALENA - A powerful and easy to use slope stability analysis system (06/00)

GEOPACK - Geostatistical Software for Conducting Analysis of the Spatial Variability of One or More Random Functions

Geotechnical Groundwater Graphics - Groundwater Database Software

GFLOW - GFLOW is a highly-efficient stepwise groundwater flow modeling system Windows 95/98/2000/NT program based on the analytic element method.(10/05)

gINT - a user-friendly relational database system that enables the user to fully control the design of databases, reports and symbol libraries. (10/05)

GMS - Groundwater Modeling System - Sophisticated Groundwater Modeling Environment for MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, FEMWATER, SEEP2D, and RT3D

GPS-X - Wastewater Treatment Modelling and Simulation. (01/01)

GRAPHER - A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Graphics Package for Scientists

Gradix - GPR (radar) data processing (02/00)

Groundwater Data Utilities - Groundwater Model Data Preparation, Translation and Formatting

Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics - Electronic Book Version of Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics - A Programmed Text for Self Instruction

Groundwater Vistas - Advanced Model Design and Analysis for MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, and PEST

GWN-COGO - A Flexible Coordinate Geometry Package

GWN-DTM - A Sophisticated Digital Terrain Modeling Package

GWN-STORM - An Efficient Storm Sewer Package

GWN-SURF - A Powerful Surface Modeler

HAZ Dispersion Models - Simulation of Watershed Hydrology and Water Quality for Conventional and Toxic Organic Pollutants. (05/05)

HAZ AFTOX - by Breeze. A Gaussian puff/plume model that simulates the atmospheric dispersion of neutrally buoyant chemical releases. (05/05)

HAZ SLAB - by Breeze. A dispersion model that simulates the atmospheric dispersion of denser-than-air releases. (05/05)

HAZ Professional - by Breeze. The most comprehensive software package for modeling toxic and flammable chemical releases. (05/05)

HAZ Fire/Explosion - by Breeze. The most comprehensive package for modeling accidental releases of flammable and explosive chemicals. (05/05)

HEC-HMS - Program designed to simulate the precipitation-runoff processes of dendritic watershed systems. (10/05)

HEC-RAS - integrated system of software that performs one-dimensional (1D) hydraulic calculations for a full network of natural and constructed channels. (10/05)

HOTMAC - simulate various what-if scenarios in the computer with HOTMAC® (higher order turbulence model for atmospheric circulation) (11/04).

HSPF - Simulation of Watershed Hydrology and Water Quality for Conventional and Toxic Organic Pollutants

HSSM - Hydrocarbon Spill Screening Model

HST3D-ANE - 3-D Heat and Solute Transport Model

HYDATA - Hydrological Database and Analysis System

HydraGraphics - Hydraulic Analysis and Design Software for Storm and Sanitary Sewers

HydroGeo Analyst - System to help you manage and deliver groundwater and borehole data. (10/05)

HYDROGEOCHEM - Hydrologic Transport and Geochemical Reactions Model

HYDROGEOCHEM 2 - Hydrologic Transport and Mixed Geochemical Kinetic/Equilibrium Reactions in Saturated-Unsaturated Media Model

HYQUAL - Water Quality Database DISCONTINUED

HYRROM - Hydrological Rainfall Runoff Model

HYTRAN - a Windows software package for analyzing HYdraulic TRANsients in pipelines. (04/02)

IHACRES - Hydrographs and Component Flows from Rainfall, Evaporation and Streamflow Data

Infinite Extent - Pump Test Analysis Software for Windows

InfoNet - Management information system for water network infrastructure - water supply, water distribution, wastewater collection, sewers and storm water. (01/05)

InterpaLog - 2D, log data based seismic modeling software (06/00)

IRAP-h View - Industrial Risk Assessment Program - Human Health. (12/04)

ISC AERMOD View - complete modeling environment for the U.S. EPA air quality model ISCST3, air dispersion model AERMOD, and air dispersion model ISC-PRIME(11/99)

ISC Suite - sophisticated air quality modeling system with an integrated GIS (06/00)

ISC View - Complete Modeling Environment for the U.S. EPA ISCST3 Air Quality Model

KYSPILL - Unique Groundwater Pollution Forecasting System

Lahey Fortran 90 Compiler - Lahey Fortran 90 Compiler

Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Compiler - Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Compiler

LogEdit - log data file editing software (06/00)

Map3D - is a comprehensive three-dimensional rock stability analysis package. The program is used to construct models, analyze and display displacements, strains, stresses and strength factors.

MapViewer 6 - MapViewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool.

MaxiPit - Open Pit Optimization and Sequencing. (12/00)

MARS 2-D/3-D - Ground-Water Multiphase Areal Remediation Simulation Model

MFWorks - GIS Spatial Modelling for the PC & Mac (01/01)

Micro-Fem - Finite-Element Program for Multiple-Aquifer Steady-State and Transient Groundwater Flow Modeling

MicroFEM for Windows - Finite-Element Program for Multiple-Aquifer Steady-State and Transient Groundwater Flow Modeling. The Windows version of Micro-Fem (above). (03/01)

MidTex DLG Reader - Create Custom Basemaps from DLG's

MIDUSS - powerful decision support system for the sizing, design and evaluation of stormwater management facilities for quantity control. (10/05)

MIGRATEv9 - Model for Landfills, Buried Waste Deposits, Spills and Disposal Ponds

MINTEQA2 - Geochemical Equilibrium Speciation Model

MLAEM-SLAEM - models regional groundwater flow in systems of confined, unconfined, and leaky aquifers. (10/05)

MOBILE View - Α user-friendly graphical user interface for the EPA MOBILE6 mobile source emmision factor model. (10/04)

MOC - Computer Model of 2-D Solute Transport and Dispersion in Ground Water

MOCDENSE - Two-Constituent Solute Transport Model for Ground Water Having Variable Density

MODAIR - Simulates Air Flow Using MODFLOW

Model Expert - Find the Right Ground-Water Model to Use For Your Project

ModelGIS - Interface Linking Groundwater Models to ARC/INFO

A Manual of Instructional Problems for MODFLOW - Instructional Tool for Self-Teaching or Classroom

MODFLOW - Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Ground-Water Flow Model

MODFLOWP - Parameter Estimation for MODFLOW

MODFLOW-SURFACT - MODFLOW-Based Ground-Water Flow and Contaminant Transport Model

MODFLOWT - An Enhanced Version of MODFLOW for Simulating 3-D Contaminant Transport

MODFLOWwin32 - MODFLOW for Windows

ModIME - An Integrated Modeling Environment for MODFLOW, PATH3D and MT3D96

MODPATH - 3-D Particle Tracking Program for MODFLOW

MODPUMP - MODFLOW-Simulated Pumping Test Model

MODRET - Infiltration from Stormwater Retention Ponds Using MODFLOW

MODTECH - models groundwater flow and contaminant transport within a real-world geographic environment. (10/05)

MOFAT for Windows - Multiphase (Water, Oil, Gas) Flow and Multicomponent Transport Model

MohrView - Mohr-Coulomb Failure Analysis - produce Mohr circles and Coulomb failure envelopes. (05/00)

MoNA - evaluate and visualize monitored natural attenuation data (02/00)

Monitor 5 - Environmental Monitoring - Data Management, Assessment and Reporting Software

MOVER - Multiphase Areal Flow with Vacuum Enhanced Recovery

MS-VMS - MODFLOW-Based Visual Modeling System with Comprehensive Flow and Transport Capability

MT3D99 - A Modular 3D Solute Transport Model (11/99)

MULTIMED - Multimedia Exposure Assessment Model

OILVOL - Estimate Free Hydrocarbon Volume in a Soil

OTTER - Dynamic simulation performance of water treatment plants.(02/01)

P3DAIR - Simulates Air Flow Using MODFLOW

PC-QUASAR - Quality Simulation Along Rivers

PEST - Parameter Estimation for Any Model

PESTAN - Pesticide Transport Model

Petro Spase - petroleum spatial database management software (11/99)

PetWin32 - A Windows-based simulator used in the analysis and design of petroleum and petrochemical industry wastewater treatment plants. (11/04)

PHREEQE - Models Geochemical Reactions

PHRQPITZ - Geochemical Calculations in Brines and Other Electrolyte Solutions to High Concentrations

PIPE-FLO Compressible - fluid flow software for advanced gas systems. Calculates the pressures and balanced flow rates in piping system networks transporting industrial gases and shows the interaction of each component in the system.(04/01)

PIPE-FLO Professional - fluid flow software for liquid systems. Provides the complete solution to any piping system enabling users to draw the piping system, design individual pipelines, calculate pressures & flow rates, select pumps, size control valves and flow meters.(04/01)

PIPE-FLO Stock - fluid flow software for pulp and paper piping systems. Calculates the pressures and balanced flow rates in pulp and paper piping networks and shows the interaction of pipelines, pumps, and controls in a system. (04/01)

Plan-it STOAT - software for conceptual and preliminary process and hydraulic planning and design, for the construction, expansion, and modification of treatment facilities.(02/01)

PLOTCHEM - Water-Quality Data Plotting Program

PMWIN - Processing MODFLOW - Graphical Interface for MODFLOW, MODPATH, PMPATH, MT3D96 and PEST

Pocket ESA - a new method for collecting and reporting Phase I and II ESA data, Transaction Screening, Asbestos Surveys, Radon Sampling, Lead Sampling, etc. (10/05)

POLLUTE - Finite-Layer Contaminant Migration Model - Landfill Design

PORFLOW - Multiphase fluid flow, heat and mass transport in fractured porous media (01/01)

PRINCE - 7 Mass Transport and 3 Flow Models

Process Advisor - real time simulation, analysis and control of the biological wastewater treatment process. Process. (04/00)

PRZM2 - Pesticide Transport Model - Exposure Assessments

PRZM3 - links PRZM and VADOFT to predict pesticide transport and transformation down through the crop root and vadose (unsaturated) zone to the water table. (10/05)

PUMP-FLO - centrifugal pump selection software. Selects, evaluates, and analyzes centrifugal pumps using manufacturers' supplied electronic pump catalogs.(04/01)

QHM - Continuous Watershed Modeling - Storm Management System

QUAL2EU - Enhanced Stream Water Quality Model with Uncertainty Analysis

QuickLog, QuickCross/Fence, QuickGIS, QuickSoil - Geotechnical Groundwater Graphics software (boring log (borehole log), fence diagram, well lithology/well construction)

RAPTAD - simulate various what-if scenarios in the computer with RAPTAD® (random puff transport and diffusion) (11/04)

RBCA Tier 2 Analyzer - Fast and Easy 2-D Groundwater Flow and Biodegradation Modeling. (10/05)

RECESS - Recession of Ground-Water Discharge and Estimating Mean Ground-Water Recharge and Discharge from Streamflow Records

Remediation Toolkit - The Most Complete Package for Evaluating and Visualizing Monitored Natural Attenuation Data. (10/05)

REMTEC - Site Remediation Technologies Database

RETC - Analyzes Soil Water Retention and Hydraulic Conductivity Functions of Unsaturated Soils

RINVERT - Resistivity Modeling Package for Windows

RISK Workbench - RISC WorkBench 4.0 is an easy-to-use software package designed for performing fate and transport modeling and human health risk assessments for contaminated sites. (10/04)

RITZ - Regulatory and Investigative Treatment Zone Model

RMT - Water-Quality Data Mapping - River Management Tool

RMP View - Risk Management Plan to meet the requirements of the 112(r) Risk Management Program

ROADS - modeling software to predict air quality impacts from inert pollutant concentrations from moving and idling motor vehicles at roadways and roadway intersections (06/00)

Sanitary Sewers - Model New or Existing Sewer Systems

SASSPro V2 - activated sludge simulator program (1/06)

SBRSheet - MS Excel program for designing Sequencing Batch Reactor Systems for biological nitrification/ denitrification.(02/01)

SCREEN3 - BEE-Line's Windows Interface for the EPA Screening Model SCREEN3

SCREEN View - Windows Interface for the EPA Screening Model SCREEN3

SEAM - estimating emissions of VOCs and HAPs from wastewater collection systems. (01/01)

SEEP/W - Finite-Element Seepage Analysis Model

SEQUENCE - for visualizing and evaluating natural attenuation

SESOIL - Model for Long-Term Pollutant Fate and Migration in the Unsaturated Zone

SeisSscape 2D - new, revolutionary way of viewing seismic data.(5/00)

SEVEX View - advanced 3D complex terrain gas model. (1/05)

Sieve Graph - Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis Graphing. (10/05)

SIGMA/W - Geotechnical Finite-Element Stress and Deformation Analysis Model

SimaPro - the most widely used software for life cycle assessment. (11/04)

SiteGIS - Analyze and Present Environmental Data Used in Groundwater Subsurface Remedial Investigations Using MapInfo

SiteView - 3-D Environmental Visualization for Windows

SLAB View - Toxic Gas Accidental Release Model - Graphical User Interface for the U.S. EPA SLAB Model

SLAB 3D View - three-dimensional visualization for the US EPA air pollution model, SLAB

SLAEM-MLAEM - models regional groundwater flow in systems of confined, unconfined, and leaky aquifers. (10/05)

SLOPE/W - Slope Analysis Software

SMS - Surface-Water Modeling System - Pre and Postprocessor for RMA2, HIVEL2D, SED2D-WES, FESWMS, and WSPRO

SOILPARA - Determine Hydraulic Properties of Unsaturated/Saturated Soils

SoilVision - Estimation of Saturated/Unsaturated Soil Properties

SOLUTRANS - 3-D Analytic Solute Transport Model

SophMOD - powerful integrated interface to the standard EPA dispersion models (06/00)

Spase - Groundwater Database Management System

StepMaster - Aquifer Step Drawdown Test Analysis

STOAT - dynamic simulation for design, operational analysis and optimisation of entire plant including sludge treatment. (02/01)

Stormax - Wastewater Treatment Plant Storm Flow Capacity. (01/01)

Storm Sewers - Design and Analyze New or Existing Storm Sewer Systems

Strater - A Powerful and Innovative Well Log and Borehole Plotting Program for Geoscientists.

Super Slug - Slug Test Analysis Software for Windows

Surge 5 - powerful general purpose waterhammer program (04/02)

Surfer 8 - Create 3D Contour Maps and Surface Plots

SurfLink - Interface Between MapInfo and Surfer

SUTRA-ANE - 2-D Saturated/Unsaturated Transport Model

SVE-3D - (10/05)

SV Flux - seepage modeling. (10/05)

SV Grainsize - SV Grainsize - database software for your sieve and hydrometer analysis data. (10/05)

SV HEAT - geothermal finite element modeling. (10/05)

SwagSim - Management System for Shallow Water Tables in Irrigation Areas

SWIFT-98 - 3-D Model to Simulate Groundwater Flow, Heat, Brine and Radionuclide Transport

SWIMv1/SWIMv2 - Soil Water Infiltration and Movement

SWIPS - Database for Storing Soil Moisture Data

SWPLAN - Solid Waste Management Planning Software

Synth - synthetic seismogram generator (06/00)

Synthetic Suite - power package for stratigraphic log modeling (06/00)

TechBASE - Σύστημα Γεωλογικών Πληροφοριών

Tecplot 10 - 3-D Visualization and Animation of Site Data and Modeling Results. (09/03)

TerraVue - image processing software- Earth Observation data (02/00)

TOXCHEM+ - Fate of Toxics in Wastewater Treatment. (01/01)

TruFlite - 3D landscape rendering, visualization software (02/00)

TUFLOW - (Two-dimensional Unsteady FLOW) a 2D and 1D flood and tide simulation software. (10/05)

TWODAN - 2-D Analytic Ground-Water Flow Model

VAM2D - 2-D Variably-Saturated Groundwater Analysis Model

VFLO™ provides high-resolution, physics-based distributed hydrologic modeling for managing water from catchment to river basin scale. (10/05)

Visual MODFLOW - Integrated Modeling Environment for MODFLOW, MODPATH and MT3D

Visual HELP - Complete Modeling Environment for the HELP Model for Evaluating and Optimizing Landfill Designs

Visual Groundwater - 3-D Visualization and Animation of Site Data and Modeling Results

Visual PEST-ASP - combines the powerful parameter estimation capabilities of PEST-ASP with the graphical processing and display features of WinPEST. (10/05)

Volumetrics - area and volume (planimetering) calculations software (06/00)

VLEACH - One-Dimensional Finite-Difference Vadose Zone Leaching Model

VS2DT - Flow and Solute Transport in Variably-Saturated, Single-Phase Flow in Porous Media

WASP5/DYNHYD5 - Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program

Waste Manager - easy to use solution for waste management and tracking (06/00)

Watershed Modeling - Hydrologic Analysis of Drainage Basins

Water Surface Profiles - Computes Water Surface Profiles Through Channels, Culverts and Bridges - HEC-2, HEC-RAS and WSPRO

WatPro - Water Treatment Plant Simulator. (01/01)

WHI UnSat Suite - a compilation of the most popular 1-d unsaturated zone models (11/99)

WINFAP - Hydrological Frequency Analysis Package - Flood Risk Assessment

WinFlow - Analytical Steady-State and Transient Groundwater Flow Model

WinLoG - Borehole Log Plotting for Windows

WinTran - Groundwater Flow and Finite-Element Contaminant Transport Model

Watershed Modeling System (WMS) - Graphical Interfaces to HEC-1, TR-20, NFF, and Rational Method

WQ Stat Plus - incorporates the statistical test used by many water quality experts for analyzing surface water and ground water data.(01/05)

WWTP - interactive training program for wastewater treatment plant operator/supervisor. (04/00)

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