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Pumping Test and Slug Test Solutions

17 Pumping Test Solutions   11 Single-Well Solutions
17 Variable-Rate Solutions 5 Slug Test Solutions
15 Recovery Test Solutions 5 Wellbore Storage Solutions
6 Step Test Solutions

Choose from aquifer test solutions for confined, unconfined, leaky and fractured aquifers with sophisticated options including

multiple pumping and observation wells,
large-diameter wells with wellbore storage,
partially penetrating wells,
variable pumping rates,
well losses,
and more!

The Standard and Professional versions of AQTESOLV for Windows allow you to choose the optimal set of aquifer test solutions for your needs.

Visual and Automatic Curve Matching

AQTESOLV for Windows was the first program to combine visual and automatic curve matching for aquifer test analysis.

Visual curve matching lets you determine aquifer properties by moving a type curve on the computer screen. Simply use the mouse to drag a type curve to a new location on the screen, and AQTESOLV for Windows automatically updates aquifer properties.

Automatic curve matching uses nonlinear weighted least-squares to estimate aquifer properties. Automatic curve matching provides an objective method for matching type curves to your data.

Data Set Wizards

Create data sets quickly and accurately using intuitive Pumping Test and Slug Test Wizards that prompt you for information with helpful graphics and diagrams.

A Template Wizard also lets you create new data sets from templates.

AQTESOLV for Windows also includes an easy-to-use wizard to import AQTESOLV for DOS data sets.

Slug Test Wizard Screenshot Pumping Test Wizard Screenshot

Import Wizard

Import data from data logger files in 3 easy steps.  The Import Wizard virtually eliminates the need for external manipulation of transducer data and also provides user-friendly options for filtering and transforming the data.  Use Import Wizard to import both time-displacement and pumping rate measurements.

AQTESOLV for Windows also lets you copy and paste data from other applications (e.g., spreadsheets and word processors) through the Windows clipboard!

Flexible Units

Specify units of measurements in English and metric systems.  Enter units for pumping rates in gallons or liters.  Choose units for transmissivity including gal/day/ft.

Multiple Observation Wells

Click to enlarge image!Enter multiple observations from an aquifer test into a single data set.  Analyze all of the observation wells simultaneously using distance-drawdown and composite plots and determine a single set of aquifer properties that unifies all of the observation data.

Distance-Drawdown and Composite Plot Analysis

Perform distance-drawdown and composite plot analyses for multiple observation wells.

Multiple Pumping Wells and Image Wells

Enter multiple pumping wells into a data set to include the effects of other pumping wells (extraction or injection) on your test.  Use this feature also to simulate the effects of recharge and barrier boundaries using image wells.

Variable Pumping Rate and Recovery Analysis

Click to enlarge image!Simulate variable pumping rates (including recovery) using any of the pumping test solutions in AQTESOLV for Windows.  Combine drawdown and recovery data into a single data set and analyze them simultaneously!

Step Drawdown Test Analysis

Click to enlarge image!Evaluate well performance tests including linear and nonlinear well losses using the Theis solution with the Jacob-Rorabaugh well loss equation.  Compute well efficiencies!

Derivative Analysis

Use derivative plots to examine the effects of wellbore storage, recharge and barrier boundaries, leakage, delayed gravity response and fracture flow.

Type Curve Families

Click to enlarge image!Choose from three options for displaying type curve families with your solutions.  Select custom or preset curve families!  Superimpose the Theis solution on type curve families!

Customizable Plots and Reports

Choose from 10 different plots and reports to summarize the results of your aquifer test analyses.  Plot formats include time-displacement, composite, discharge-time, and derivative plots plus three diagnostic plots for statistical analysis.

Customize styles, weights and colors of lines; typefaces, sizes and weights of fonts; and more!

Use the Style Gallery to select plot formats provided exclusively by AQTESOLV for Windows.  Include your own company logo on the output!

Clipboard Support

Copy plots and reports from AQTESOLV for Windows and paste them in other Windows applications!

Copy data (e.g., time-displacement data) from other Windows applications such as spreadsheets and word processors and paste them into AQTESOLV for Windows!

WYSIWYG Print Preview

Preview AQTESOLV for Windows plots and reports before sending them to your printer.

Export Functions

Export plots, reports, data and type curves from AQTESOLV for Windows to files (e.g. Windows metafiles) for use by other applications.

Options also include sending printer output to a file for delayed printing.

Tabbed Dialogs

AQTESOLV for Windows uses tabbed dialogs (property sheets) to organize data entry in a logical and easy-to-understand format.

Dockable Toolbars

Manage your screen real estate within AQTESOLV for Windows using the dockable toolbar feature found in the 32-bit version of the software!

Web Integration

Take advantage of information found at the AQTESOLV for Windows web site using the web integration features in the 32-bit version of the software.

Send AQTESOLV for Windows data sets as e-mail attachments using the Send Mail feature in the 32-bit version of the software.

Help, Tutorials and Technical Support

AQTESOLV for Windows comes with a complete User's Guide in electronic format that you can view, search and print using your web browser.  You also can access the User's Guide from AQTESOLV for Windows through Windows Help.   Both versions of the User's Guide provide access to instructive, step-by-step tutorials for every solution contained in the program.

The 32-bit version of AQTESOLV for Windows includes a Tip of the Day feature and web integration to help you learn how to use the software.

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