Steady Pipe Flow
Open Channel Flow
Wastewater Treatment



Water and Wastewater Systems

  • Hydraulic design of individual process units or groups of interconnected process units
  • Computation of hydraulic profiles across an entire facility

Steady Pipe Flow

  • Water, wastewater or sewage sludge in pipe networks
  • Water or wastewater in pipe manifolds
  • Computes flow and pressure distribution
  • Accounts for fittings, bends, valves

Pumping Installations

  • Hydraulic analysis of pump and rising main (forcemain) systems including multiple pumps, variable speed pumps.

Waterhammer Analysis

  • Analysis and control of pressure transients due to pump trip out with or without air vessel surge protection

Flow Measurement Structures

  • Long-throated flumes of rectangular, trapezoidal and U-shaped section
  • Short-throated flumes of rectangular section
  • Parshall flumes
  • Weirs: broad-crested and thin plate, proportional flow, rectangular notch and V-notch

Open Channel Flow

  • Uniform flow or gradually and rapidly varied flow Rectangular, trapezoidal, U-shaped, V-shaped, parabolic and circular sections
  • Decanting channels with distributed lateral inflow
  • Storm overflow channels with lateral outflow

General Features

  • Imperial or SI units
  • All graphics are fully scalable graphics
  • Export design to spreadsheets
  • Export reports to word processors
  • Copy or print any screen or design sheet
  • Analyze single objects or entire systems
  • Built-in error checking
  • Comprehensive on-line Help
  • User and Technical reference manual
  • Drag-and-drop system and network building
  • Full featured zoom control
  • Works under Microsoft Windows operating systems