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Open Channel Flow
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The information on this website illustrates the style and scope of the ARTS software. ARTS incorporates an unrivalled range of hydraulic analysis/design in a single inexpensive package.

ARTS provides the consulting engineer and specialist contractor with a comprehensive flow analysis capability covering WATER/WASTEWATER, AIR and SLUDGE flows.

The easy-to-use intuitive graphical interface makes ARTS ideal for routine design office use as well as for solving the more complex hydraulic analysis problems encountered in the design of water and wastewater treatment systems.

Features include:

a comprehensive capability for the analysis of flow in pipe and open channel systems
automated hydraulic design of wastewater treatment process units, including the production of hydraulic profiles through wastewater treatment plants
hydraulic analysis of pump-rising main systems, including multiple pumps, complex pipe systems, variable speed drives, waterhammer analysis and control
design of flumes and weirs
design of pipe manifolds
full range of filing, report preparation and export functionality.

Brochures, manuals, technical documents and demo videos are all available from our Support page. The ScreenCam demos presents a self-explanatory video demonstration of the software in use and they can be run on any standard PC.

From our Download page you can also request demo materials to be sent by air mail or you can download the fully functional evaluation version which will run for 30 days.

When you are ready to purchase please see our How to Buy page. You will find price lists and an order form.

The ARTS software package has been fully developed in-house by Aquavarra Research Limited of Dublin, Ireland and is distributed and supported internationally by Hydromantis.

Both Aquavarra and Hydromantis offer a complete support service to ARTS users, both in relation to the underlying hydraulics and the software itself. Training in the use of the software can also be provided.


ARTS comes with a full suite of hydraulics functionality.

Wastewater treatment systems
Hydraulic design of individual process units.
Hydraulic design of groups of interconnected process units.
Computation of hydraulic profiles
Pumping Installations
Hydraulic analysis of pump/rising main systems including multiple pumps, variable speed pumps.
Open Channel Flow
Uniform flow, gradually and rapidly varied flow
Decanting channels with distributed lateral inflow
Storm overflow channels with lateral outflow
Steady pipe flow
Water/wastewater or sewage sludge in pipe links and pipe networks.
Water/wastewater in pipe manifolds
Waterhammer analysis
Analysis of pressure transients due to pump trip out.
Control of pressure transients due to pump trip out.
Flow measurement Structures
Design of weirs
Design of flumes

How does ARTS work?

Step 1: Draw a sketch of the system you are analysing. ARTS provides a set of objects which you place on the screen such as reservoirs, sedimentation units, pipes, channels. These are drawn on the screen in the same way as any vector drawing package.

ARTS sheet

Step 2: Edit the properties of the objects on the screen. Each object drawn on the screen has a set of properties associated with it, i.e. pipes have a length and diameter etc.. Just double-click on an object to get at its properties.


Step 3: Select the desired analysis function. There is a choice of Steady Pipe Flow (for networks, or similar pressurised systems), Unsteady Pipe Flow (for waterhammer in rising mains) and Hydraulic Profiles (for analysis of treatment plants or other gravity flow systems). ARTS displays the results of the analysis superimposed on the original sketch, as well as additional windows in some cases.

Wastewater Surface Profile