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Steady Pipe Flow


ARTS provides a comprehensive suite of analytical tools for solving steady pipe flow problems.

You can analyze single pipes, pipes in networks, network systems, pumping installations, giving you maximum flexibility in system specification.

Pipes can have fittings such as bends, valves, etc, inserted as individual items or as a total resistance.

Pumps have special interactive graphs, allowing you to input characteristic information directly from the pump manufacturers data sheets (for flow, power and NPSH), as well as options to examine variable speed pumps.


Using ARTS to solve steady pipe flow problems

Whatever the steady pipe flow problem, you start by drawing a schematic of the problem at hand. Once the system is drawn you modify the properties of the pipes and other objects on the screen. The property pages of on screen objects enable you to input the properties such as diameter on a scaled schematic diagram, as well other relevant properties such as length and surface roughness in the case of pipes.


Provided the interconnected system of pipes is drawn correctly on the design sheet and has a feasible set of boundary conditions, ARTS will compute the flow and pressure distribution and print the result on the design sheet.

ARTS also has a pipe calculator, which can calculate any parameter of the Darcy-Weibach equation, using the other parameters, which is useful for quickly generating optimum solutions.