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ARTS can analyse waterhammer problems caused by sudden pump trip-out, with or without air vessel surge protection.

Specialised features for waterhammer include the ability to include the vertical profile of the rising main, so that ARTS can check gauge pressure fluctuation along the entire length of the rising main. The analysis procedure is iterative, based on the method of characteristics. You can set several parameters relating to the accuracy and duration of the modeling, as well as the point at which the transient pressure fluctuation will be plotted.

Using ARTS to do a Waterhammer analysis

As with all problems solved by ARTS, you start by drawing a schematic of the problem at hand. Once the system is drawn you modify the properties of the pipes (including the rising main) and other objects on the screen. On the press of a button, ARTS carries out the analysis and displays the results on screen. The results displayed include a plot of the maximum and minimum pressure envelopes, the rising main profile, the vapour pressure line, the pressure at a user selected point, the pump and system curves and a texual output summary of the analysis.

Waterhammer screen