Trace the evolution through geologic time of groundwater flow regimes within sedimentary basins

Basin2 is a numerical model designed to trace through geologic time the evolution of groundwater flow regimes within sedimentary basins. You, the modeler, provide data on the arrangement of basin strata along a vertical cross section, the timing of sediment deposition and erosion, and the physical and hydrologic properties of sediments and rocks in the basin. From these data and equations describing flow and transport, the model reconstructs basin development.

example of Basin2 output

Depending on how you configure your input, output from the program can include the evolution of:

 Porosity and permeability of strata across the basin, as calculated from overburden stress, fluid pressure, and stress history.

 Fluid pressure in basin strata, accounting for the effects of sediment compaction during burial and rebound during unloading, the development of topographic relief, thermal expansion, and fluid migration.

 Flow patterns of groundwaters through the basin in response to sediment compaction and rebound, buoyant forces, and topographic relief.

 Temperature throughout the basin as controlled by heat conduction, groundwater advection, and the crustal heat flux

Effect of topography on thermal convection

 Thermal maturation of organic matter in basin strata, including the timing of oil and gas generation and the distribution of mature petroleum sources through geologic time

 Salinity of basin groundwaters, accounting for diffusion, hydrodynamic dispersion, advection, and the presence of evaporites

Effect of buried halite on groundwater salinity

 Cementation of basin strata, including the rates at which cements precipitate and minerals dissolve as a result of the migration of groundwaters over flow paths along which temperature and pressure vary

Brine infiltering from a lagoon

 Radioactive and radiogenic isotopes in basin groundwater, including the distribution of isotopes in the systems 4He/3He, 36Cl/Cl, and 40Ar/36Ar. These isotopes are used in basin hydrology to estimate the residence time (or "age") of groundwater in sedimentary basins.

Developers: source code for Basin2 is available!

Basin2 is a trademark of the University of Illinois.

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