The Project Data Management System

The Project Data Management System (Project DMS) included with the MoNA ToolKit stores all relevant information needed to evaluate Monitored Natural Attenuation including:

  • Monitoring station names and coordinates
  • Chemical names and maximum concentration limits (MCLs)
  • Groundwater elevations and chemical sampling results

It also includes a link to ChemBase for referencing published chemical property values for common chemicals of concern.

Important data management features include:

  • A dynamic link between the Project DMS and the MoNA ToolKit visualization, analysis, and modeling tools instantaneously updates your plots and calculations as soon as any changes are made to the database.
  • A project MCL database for organic and inorganic chemicals allows you to plot symbols on SEQUENCE radial diagrams and BioTrends X-Y chart to illustrate exceedances of chemical-specific MCLs (i.e. groundwater clean-up criteria, or Maximum Concentration Levels).
  • Internal unit conversions are automatically performed by the program when using different units for input and output data.
  • Rigorous error-checking routines to ensure the validity of all values stored in the project database, and to ensure that you don't enter duplicate station or chemical names or monitoring event descriptions.
  • A powerful import module that allows you to easily import monitoring well names and coordinates as well as chemical analytical data for any number of wells and/or monitoring events.
  • The option to create station and chemical templates which store lists of stations and chemicals in a user-defined order. These lists are very useful when creating input templates for entering chemical analysis results, for example, or analyzing data exclusively for shallow or deep aquifer wells.
  • The option to enter "regional" chemical concentrations that are applicable for the entire site, not just specific monitoring wells (e.g., background concentrations for geochemical indicators such as oxygen, nitrate, iron(II), sulfate, and methane).

Import Data

X-Y Coordinates

Sampling Data

Project MCLs

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