Software Description & Overview
Bubbles Bubbles is an interactive production logging analysis application. It is designed to be used by Petroleum Reservoir Engineers and Production Log Analysts to interpret their oil/water production or injection wells.

Packed with features, Bubbles gives you the tools you need to perform an accurate analysis on your data. It comes complete with Math-Pak, Depth Shift, Filter, Interpolate, and Statistics windows for quick data manipulation. ASCII files are used for import and export. Even if you don't have continuous log data, you can create an example well from scratch and have it analyzed in no time.

Bubbles allows you to jump from one area of the analysis to another at any time during a session. The session manager keeps track of where you are all the time. If you need to re-condition initial curves, Bubbles re-calculates all the relevant initial and resultant curves, and updates previous window information.

   Analysis of One-Phase Oil, One-Phase Water, or Two-Phase Oil/Water
   Interactive, depth-sensitive Production Log Display
   Cable Speed / Spinner Plot with automatic or manual threshold velocity detection using 3 different methods
   Parameter Editor window for all required parameters
   Zone Averaging Editor for up to 16 separate zone production or injection rate averaging
   Interactive Edit Utility Modules used for curve conditioning. Includes Math-Pak, Interpolate, Depth-Shift, Filter and Curve Statistics
   ASCII file Import and Export capabilities
   Create a New Well Profile from scratch and enter only one data point for each curve per zone
   Up to 15 perforations can be entered for each file
   Professional page-type report and graphics printing on any Windows printer and add a custom-made company logo to the report
   Simple Data Editor for curve data browsing and modification
   Instantaneous Curve Value, Uphole Production Rates, and Surface Watercut readout at any depth just by moving the mouse over the required depth on the log
   Easy to navigate Context-Sensitive help for every window, form and box
   Merger Program included in the installation - will allow you to merge up to 10 ASCII files together into a single, Bubbles-compatible import file

Production Log Display and Va-Plot Windows

Zone Editor, Statistics and Filter Windows

Parameter and Data Editors

Minimum System Requirements
System   Pentium-Class Processor
RAM   Minimum 32 MB
(64 MB Recommended)
Hard Disk   15 MB

Bubbles Platforms