CAM View Overview

CAM View enables proactive air quality management - actions are taken before release occurs in order to avoid exceeding regulatory limits.

CAM View meets and surpasses compliance certification requirements of the Part 70 Operating Permits Program and Title VII of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.

Why CAM View?

Most facilities have a monitoring/guard station that can cost roughly U$80,000/yr to operate. This station usually misses the emissions that pass it and once it actually registers a hit, it is unknown from which source the pollutants originated. CAM View saves on guard/monitoring station operating costs and provides precise results about emissions from your facility!

Which Source Impacted the Monitor Station?
Who is Responsible?

Avoid these questions with CAM View.

CAM View enables you to accurately determine attribution and accountability without hesitation.

Interactive interface provides real-time and forecast pollutant impacts with complete 2D & 3D visualization.

Program Features