CAM View Features

Emissions impact simulation.
Use of forecast weather data allows preventive maintenance on air pollution control equipment.
Supervision over an unlimited number of sources and chemicals.
Dynamic Emissions Calculations.

Customization will improve your emissions predictions, dynamically, as your process load changes.

Completely integratable with our solid waste and effluent management software packages.
Logging and reporting of all emission sources.
Stored information can be displayed within a mapping frame work, x-y plots and predefined reports.
Operates on your existing IT infrastructures.
Unified source code operates under all major Windows versions (Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP).
Supports the most common SQL databases interchangeably - ORACLE, MS-SQL, INTERBASE, MYSQL, and others.
Comes with high-performance SQL server, free of charge.
Flexible Architecture

CAM View’s flexible architecture provides compatibility with virtually any system.

Supports state-of-the-art multi-source models such as AERMOD, CALPUFF, and AUSTAL2000.
Uses advanced building downwash algorithms for more realistic concentration estimates.
Computes air concentration and deposition fluxes for an unlimited number of sources and chemicals.
Displays results on a mapping system with contouring, color-coding, text posting and 3D views of your entire facility.
Uses the unit emission and summation concepts to dramatically reduce the processing time for large amounts of chemical components per source.
Imports meteorological data acquired from on-site stations, online weather stations or meteorological model results.
Estimates upper air parameters, such as the mixing height, using planetary boundary layer theory.
Estimates real-time emissions using your operational parameters, such as flow, temperature, loading fuel feed, among others.
Incorporates data from your continuous emission monitoring system.
Integrated with extensive emissions factors library.
Logs an unlimited number of sources and chemicals.
CAM View automatically generates reports using the data in your real-time database. Lakes can customize your reports to meet the standards of your governing body and of your organization internal guidelines.

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