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Canoma™ 1.0

With Canoma you can create photorealistic 3D models from scanned or digital photographs quickly and without extensive 3D skills. Using a push-pin metaphor, Canoma lets you attach 3D, wireframe primitives on top of objects in a two-dimensional image (such as a scanned photograph, piece of stock photography, or even a digital drawing or painting).

With the click of a button, Canoma renders a 3D image by wrapping the two-dimensional surfaces around the three-dimensional primitives. You can either mirror textures to fill in the "invisible" sides of objects, or use multiple photographs of a single scene.

This method of modeling allows you to create realistic 3D models without any previous 3D modeling experience. Create furniture, interiors, buildings or whole city blocks, and even interactively walk through models or create animations.

Features and Benefits

Ground-breaking 3D Technology
Canoma is the first product that will allow 2D graphic artists and Web designers to create photo-realistic 3D content from their flat images. This opens up 3D as a medium to designers who have stayed in the realm of 2D graphics.

Flexible & powerful
Canoma can take any 2D digital source image as input, whether from a digital camera, historical materials, artwork, or hand drawn sketches. No need for specialized equipment, studio setup, calibration or "markers" on objects.

Web ready
Canoma can generate 3D models in MetaStream format and can also write VRML2 output.

Integrates & leverages existing workflows
Users can apply their MetaCreations Painter or Adobe PhotoShop skills to prepare and retouch photographs and textures. Canoma supports workflow for several types of media targets:

  1. The Web: Import images, make models, export to MetaStream or VRML2 to post on the Web; create 3D models, change perspective, embed links on objects and output to html for interactive fly-throughs.

  2. 2D: In some cases, the output is another 2D image, usually a retouched source image where Canoma was used to "undo" the perspective on objects and allow pixel retouching in head-on views.

Potential Uses

Online catalog customers
can preview “hard goods” such as furniture or appliances, enabling enhanced user interaction with products through photorealistic 3D models and animations.

Travel, tourism, and real estate
web sites can provide 3D previews of the destinations and properties.

Graphic designers
can modify packaging, designs, and environments.

Advertising agencies
can create comps of billboards, ads on buses, etc. in perspective.

3D artists
can quickly create photorealistic "clip objects."

Architects, urban planners, and property developers
can interactively preview the urban context in which their new building is placed.

Interior designers
can quickly generate "what if" scenarios, changing carpets, wall colors, tiles and furniture to easily create 3D interiors of buildings for interactive walk-throughs.

Game developers
and level builders can create low polygon count 3D models and environments with realistic textures, suitable for rendering in real time on today´s hardware.

Import and Export

Canoma Imports:

  • 2D Files
  • BMP (Win only)
  • GIF (w/alpha channel)
  • JPG
  • PICT (Mac only)
  • PNG (w/alpha channel)
  • PSD (w/alpha channel)
  • TIFF (w/alpha channel)
Canoma Exports:
  • 2D Files
  • BMP (Win only)
  • PICT (Mac only)
  • PNG
  • PSD
  • TIFF

  • Animation
  • QuickTime
  • Sequential BMP (PC)
  • Sequential PICT (Mac)

  • 3D Files
  • AutoCAD (.DXF)
  • MetaStream (.MTS)
  • Poser Prop (.PP2)
  • Truespace (.SCN)
  • VRML2 (.WRL)
  • Wavefront (.OBJ)

System Requirements


  • Pentium Processor
  • Windows 95/98/NT4.0
  • 32MB Free RAM (48+ Recommended)
  • 50MB HD Space for Processing
  • 16 Bit Color (24 Bit Recommended)
  • CD-ROM Drive (For Install)


  • Power Macintosh
  • Mac OS 8.0 or Higher
  • 32MB Free RAM (48+ Recommended)
  • 50MB HD Space for Processing
  • 16 Bit Color (24 Bit Recommended)
  • CD-ROM Drive (For Install)

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