Quick Overview
Drag & Drop Ease
CapdetWorks Features


CapdetWorks designs the treatment processes using commonly accepted techniques
There is a choice of over 60 treatment processes covering the entire wastewater treatment plant, including biological nutrient removal.
Required unit process dimensions and equipment are calculated automatically and you can override many of the calculated designs.
Scenario management feature lets you easily layout many treatment alternatives and link some, all or none of the unit process to other layouts.
Interactive sensitivity analysis feature helps you focus on parameters that most effect the treatment cost.
Construction, equipment, operations and maintenance costs can be localized for your geographic region. You can create your own cost index or apply published industry cost indices.
Define influent characteristic and desired effluent. Create a treatment schematic and CapdetWorks will calculate and costs a design.
Flexible data entry. Supports multiple units of measurement.
Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop user interface.
Detailed printed and exportable reports.
It is part of the Hydromantis family of high quality wastewater software.
Free support and upgrades for 12 months after purchase.