CrossLog Suite

The Crosslog Suite is not just an upgrade to the previous CrossLog log cross section application but a completely new and updated set of programs. The most significant difference between the original CrossLog and the new CrossLog Suite is the addition of the ability to use scanned raster logs as well as digitized vector logs.

Why Raster?

Scanned well logs are becoming increasingly available from industry data providers and costs are coming down. Scanned logs are significantly cheaper than digitized logs and the coverage of scanned logs has now surpassed that of digitized logs. The volume of scanned logs is growing daily and access to these logs is easier than ever offering a credible alternative to microfiche. Scanned logs provide you with a digital picture of the original well log and digitized logs provide you with the actual curve and depth values. While scanned logs cannot be used for log analysis or geophysical modeling, they are ideal for qualitative analysis, correlation purposes and drawing cross sections. Today’s economical Windows PC’s can now easily handle the large data files that are typical of scanned data so the time is right to bring this capability to your desktop.

The Crosslog Suite consists of three different applications:

RED: The raster editor allows you to read and print the scanned TIF files or to scan your own logs. Red is used to perform the depth registration and clean up the scanned images as well as compose the scanned log for use in a cross section.

LogEdit: The log editor is used to manage all of the well data that is associated with the scanned logs, including the digitized curves. LogEdit allows you to overlay the scanned and digitized curves and gives you the ability to modify any part of it giving you complete control of all aspects of the log’s appearance such as curve scales and depth grids. It even allows you to trace portions of the scanned curves on the screen, if desired. LogEdit incorporates powerful import features to allow importing well data such as formation tops and LAS curve data. Logs from different wells can be displayed and locked side by side on your screen and aligned either structurally or stratigraphically. This allows you to use the powerful top picking tool to easily add or modify correlations across wells.

CrossLog: This is the cross section editor where you actually build and draw your log cross sections. The program provides all the editing and drawing tools that you need to create presentation quality sections combining scanned and digitized logs as available. You can create plots directly from the program or you can import and export Windows metafiles, allowing you to share your plots with other Windows applications.

With the CrossLog Suite, a paperless geological office is closer than ever!

CrossLog Suite Platforms