Delta Graph 4.5 for Macintosh

Easy, All-Purpose Charting

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It’s easy to stand out with DeltaGraph’s extensive library of chart types, exact control over layout and compatibility with your other favorite products.

Graphing power above and beyond everyday graphing solutions

  • 80+ Chart Types, 200+ Chart Styles.
  • Get more from your data with 50 mathematical, statistical and data analysis functions.
  • Create multiple charts from a single data set and view them simultaneously.

Easily make charts look exactly the way you want

  • Determine the best chart type for your data with the Chart Advisor.
  • Create and quickly find your own arsenal of custom chart templates with the Visual Library.
  • Color, manipulate, and customize every element in your graph - rotate text 360 degrees, edit the width of error bar caps, drag any axis to the exact position you want, place grids over 2-D graphics, and more.
  • Customize your charts by importing your favorite graphics for pictographs.

Publish your charts almost anywhere... even the Web

  • Present your charts in paper reports, electronic presentations, reports, professionally published materials, even the Web.
  • Work with popular file formats: EPS, PSD, JPEG, and more.

Works with Office 98, leading drawing and publishing products

  • Works well with Excel 98®, Word®, PageMaker™, Quark-Xpres®, Photoshop®, and more.
  • Make pre-publication workflow smoothly by easily exchanging data with your favorite applications.
  • PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®-Assign press ready colors to your graph

    Also includes:

  • Spell Checker
  • Equation Editor

Mac OS 8.5 compatible

  • * AppleScript
  • * QuickTime 3.0
  • * Navigation Manager

What’s new in DeltaGraph 4.5

DeltaGraph users are our best product planners. All new DeltaGraph 4.5 for Macintosh features have been selected by existing users.

New features include:

11 New Chart Types: Bar-Line Overlay, Floating Stacked Column, Floating Stacked Bar, Floating Stacked Bar-Line Overlay, Floating Stacked Column-Line Overlay, Stacked Column-Line Overlay, Stacked Bar-Line Overlay, Volume-High-Low-Close, Volume-Open-High-Low-Close, Intensity Scatter, Paired Intensity Scatter. Examples of these new charts can be seen below.

Import data from Excel 98. Import data from your favorite applications including Excel 98!
Import data as: Tab-, space-, comma-, and custom-delimited text, WKS, SYLK, Trapeze, Excel 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and now Excel 98.

Enhanced graphic file import support. Easily exchange images between DeltaGraph and other popular applications for stunning backgrounds and pictographs.

Import support: Macintosh Picture [.PIC], quicktime Image File [.QTI], JPEG [.JPEG], TIFF [.TIFF], Encapsulated PostScript [.EPS], New for 4.5: MacPaint [.PNT], QuickDraw GX (if QuickDraw GX is installed) [.QDG], Adobe Photoshop [.PSD], Silicon Graphics [.SGI], GIF [.GIF], Windows Bitmap [.BMP], PNG [.PNG], Targa [.TGA].

Enhanced graphic file export support. Easily distribute your completed graphs in your choice of medium: electronic presentations, reports, professionally published collateral, even the Web!

Export support(Figure 2.): Macintosh Picture [.PIC], Encapsulated PostScript [.EPS], New for 4.5: QuickTime Image File [.QTI], Adobe PhotoShop [.PSD], JPEG [.JPG], Windows Bitmap [.BMP]

Figure 2.
Figure 2.

PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®. Now, you can assign specific PANTONE color codes directly to your graphs. Additional color editing is no longer required via a separate desktop publishing application.

Enhanced AppleScript Support. Efficiently complete multiple tasks with a single mouse click. DeltaGraph even provides sample scripts to help get you started.

Apple Navigation Manager Support. Find, open, import, export, and save files in the same fashion as native Macintosh OS 8.5.

Upgraded Equation Editor 1.5. Include typeset-quality quality equations with your graphs.

QuickTime 3 support

Macintosh 8.5 (Allegro) compatible

System Requirements:

  • Macintosh System 7.5.5 or later
  • Macintosh 68030 processor or later
  • 8MB RAM, 20MB minimum hard disk space

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