Delta Graph 4.0 for Windows

Fact Sheet


DeltaGraph 4.0 for Windows is designed to make high-quality charts for colorful presentations and commercial publications. Note: "*" denotes features that are new in version 4.0.

Access to More Chart Types DeltaGraph provides the chart types that you will not find in your spreadsheet, data analysis, or other programs. By offering more than 70 chart types, DeltaGraph will always have the chart you need.

Unmatched Formatting Power You can use DeltaGraph's default settings to create outstanding charts, or use the comprehensive formatting tools to make your chart look exactly the way you need it to. Powerful controls for axis scaling, ticks and grids, curve fits, error bars, color fills, patterns, textures, and more ensure picture-perfect charts every time.

High-Quality Output Charts created in DeltaGraph are of the highest resolution and readability, so whether you are designing charts for on-screen presentations, posting a graph on the office bulletin board, or publishing charts in magazines, newspapers, or technical journals, you can rely on DeltaGraph's excellent output quality.

Chart Types

2-D Charts Area, Area %, Bar, Bar-Stacked, Bar-Floating,* Bar-Segmentation,* Bar-Stacked Segmentation,* Bubble, Build-Up,* Build-Up-Stacked,* Column, Column-Stacked, Column-Segmentation,* Column-Stacked Segmentation,* Column-Floating,* Column-XY,* Combination, Contour Fill, Contour Line, Double X axis, Double XY axes, Double Y axis, High-Low, High Low Open Close (Candlestick and Whisker), Line, Line-Filled, Line-XY, Line-Paired XY, Pictograph, Pie, Pie-Donut, Pie-Multiple, Pie-Stacked, Polar, Quality Control X bar r, Quality Control X bar s, Quality Control p, Quality Control n, Quality Control u, Quality Control c, Radar, Range, Scatter, Scatter-Paired XY, Scatter (with optional droplines), Spider, Step, Table, Ternary, Ternary %, Time Line, Vector-Gridded, Vector-Radius/Angle, Vector-XY, XYZ Contour Fill, and XYZ Contour Line.

Text Charts Bullet, Organization, Table.

3-D Charts Area, Column, Ribbon, Scatter, Scatterline, Surface Fill, Surface Line, Wireframe, True 3-D XYZ Surface Fill, True 3-D XYZ Surface Line.

Statistical Charts Histogram, Ogive, Pareto, Box Plot, Survival.*

Chart Advisor

Choose the right chart every time with the Chart Advisor®. Select data and indicate the desired presentation style and the type of audience. The built-in Chart Advisor recommends the best chart to use.

Data View

The Data view is used to contain data sets for DeltaGraph charts. Data may be entered, imported, or linked, and can be formatted in DeltaGraph.

  • Spreadsheet-like cell matrix.
  • Multiple data pages within the same document.
  • Maximum number of data sets limited only by memory.
  • 255 column by 32,000 row data range in each Data page.*
  • Links to original imported data files.
  • Number for time/date, general, currency, fixed, percent, scientific, engineering, comma placement, decimal placement, minus, and parentheses.
  • More than 50 mathematical, statistical, and data analysis functions.
  • Plot entire data set or non-contiguous selections.
  • Minimum, Maximum, and Absolute Value functions.*
  • Recalculation of calculated fields (left to right).
  • Import to selected cells in the Data page.*
  • Macintosh Drag and Drop editing.

Data Import/Export

Data can be imported in a variety of formats. Select the data to plot and create a chart in minutes. Using the "Link Data" option, any changes in imported files will automatically be reflected in DeltaGraph's Data view.

  • Import Data: Tab-, space-, comma-, and custom-delimited text; Data Interchange Format (DIF); dBase II, III, III+, and IV; Excel; Lotus 1-2-3; Quattro; Symphony.
  • Export Data: Tab-, comma-, custom-delimited text; DIF; dBase II, III, III+, IV; Excel; Lotus 1-2-3; Quattro; Symphony.

Chart Page

  • Complete, built-in set of object-oriented drawing tools including rectangle, oval/circle, polygon, line, arrow, arc, bezier curve, and freehand tool.
  • 90 fixed and 32 custom colors chosen from a palette of up to 16.8 million colors.
  • Save and load custom color palettes in CMYK, CMY, or RGB color schemes.
  • Find and Replace command.*
  • Design Science Equation Editor for annotation of charts with mathematical equations.
  • 360-degree text object rotation.*
  • Default settings for display of rulers and grids.*
  • User-defined custom color blends.
  • Multiple charts on a page.
  • User-defined view scaling.*
  • Each Chart page may be up to 100 printer sheets in size.


DeltaGraph's powerful custom libraries let you create your own custom chart types and store imported graphics and pictographics for easy retrieval. Format your chart, drag it into a library and save it as a template. Then, drag the template out of the library to plot the identical chart using different data.

  • Drag charts directly to and from a library into the Chart view.
  • Color thumbnails of chart templates and graphics.
  • Multiple libraries open at once.
  • Drag from one library to another.
  • Search for library objects by name.
  • Include single charts or groups, DeltaGraph drawing objects, or imported graphics.

Chart Formatting

DeltaGraph allows complete control over size, placement, color, and other chart attributes.

  • Axis breaks.*
  • Offset (or "exploding") axis control.*
  • Default chart settings for ticks, grids, and symbols, in Preferences.*
  • Display of chart grids on top of data markers.*
  • Automatic chart update after changes in data.
  • Automatic chart overlays.
  • User-defined chart depth.
  • 360° 3-D rotation, elevation, and perspective control.
  • Re-size charts along any axis independently.
  • Revise data in any existing chart.
  • Enhanced Show Values options for chart annotation.*

Layout Sets

Use layouts to position charts and other objects automatically and give your document a uniform look and feel.

  • Automatically size and position charts for your entire document.
  • Choose a Layout Set from collection of professionally designed sets, or design your own. Each contains a color coordinated background and a variety of layouts with placeholders for titles, bullets, charts, and graphs.
  • Type directly into layouts or use Outliner to create finished
  • pages automatically.

Graphic Import/Export

Import graphics files for illustrations, backgrounds, or even pictographic textures. Export your charts for use in your favorite page layout, word processing, or presentation programs.

  • Import Graphics: Autocad DXF, Windows BMP, CGM, EPS, HPGL, Macintosh PICT, Micrografx DRW, PCX, TIFF, WMF, and WordPerfect Graphics.
  • Export Graphics: Windows BMP, EPS, Macintosh PICT, PCX, TIFF, and WMF.


Graphics may be used to "fill" drawing or chart elements such as columns and chart backgrounds in a variety of ways. Stack, tile, scale, stretch, stack proportionally, and scale proportionally, are a few of the options. Create custom symbols and textures.


Use the Outliner to organize your entire DeltaGraph document, and type text for bullet charts, org charts, text blocks, and speaker notes.

Technical/Scientific Features

Technical users will appreciate DeltaGraph's power and flexibility. Curve fitting, error bars, logarithmic scaling, and mathematical functions can be used to present scientific and technical data in the most meaningful and appropriate ways.

  • Improved chart drawing speed for charts with symbols (scatter, ternary, polar, etc.).*
  • Six standard curve fits: linear, polynomial, logarithmic, exponential, spline, and power.
  • User-defined custom curve fitting.
  • Load and save user-defined curve fits.
  • Normalized curve fit. Optionally squeeze the curve fit so that it does not extend beyond the data in the domain direction.
  • Correlation for curve fits. Show regression coefficient for overall curve fit and regression coefficients for each power of x in the formula window.
  • Automatically force linear and polynomial curve fits through zero.
  • Log-log and Semilog axis charts. Both the X and Y axes can be scaled logarithmically.
  • Center data on ticks.
  • Error bars set by: percentages, standard error, standard sample deviation, fixed values, or user-defined variables; user-defined error bar width.*
  • Outlier caps on Box plots.*
  • User-defined axis length.
  • Super-/subscripts in text blocks, labels, and legends.
  • Clip data option. Scale axes as desired and omit outlying
  • data points.

Slide Show

The slide show provides an easy and effective way to prepare charts with elaborate transition effects for presentation directly on the screen, as printed output, or as files to be printed by slide service bureaus.
Slide Sorter with thumbnail and list views.

  • 32 graphic transition effects.
  • Custom audio transitions with Mac sound resources.
  • User-defined transition speed.
  • Handout printing and speaker's notes.
  • Film recorder and service bureau output.


DeltaGraph generates high resolution PostScript® output to all Macintosh PostScript output devices, including Linotronic and film printers with available drivers.

  • High resolution output of 1/4 pt. is possible on PostScript
  • output devices.
  • Custom page sizes for slide output.

Windows 95 Logo-compatibility

DeltaGraph is fully compatible with the Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems, including support for standard Windows 95 enhancements, such as OLE 2, drag and drop, long file names, application icons, and more. DeltaGraph is a 32-bit application that also runs under Windows 3.1, using the Win32s libraries (included).

System Requirements

386DX processor.  8MB RAM, 8MB minimum hard disk space. 486DX or better processor and 16MB RAM