Drill Guide

Μειώστε μέχρι και 80% το κόστος της επιτόπιας έρευνας!

Drill Guide is the ultimate tool for site D investigation and assessment. Using the same expert system variogram generation and geostatistical capabilities found in EVS, Drill Guide will not only analyze and provide graphical representations of your data, but it will guide your site investigations.
Drill Guide will analyze your existing measured chemical contamination data in soil or ground water and identify the location on your site with the highest uncertainty.
The first figure has surface elevations and coloring based on concentration.
The second figure shows the geostatistical confidence in the predicted concentrations. Each red spot is the location of one of the measured samples and represents an area of high confidence.
Drill Guide considers the confidence throughout your site and automatically locates regions of low confidence that are also predicted to have high concentrations.
We call this measure of site assessment quality Uncertainty. Using uncertainty allows for more rapid, cost-effective site assessment.
The third figure shows the surface coloredaccording to Uncertainty. Drill Guide reports the coordinate of the maximum uncertainty. That location is the most appropriate next sampling site.

x =11492.93 and y =12935.60
Predicted Concentration =1.64 mg/kg

The use of Drill Guide technology to analytically guide environmental site assessments offers significant cost benefits. A 30%-80% reduction in sampling locations is achieved when the sampling locations are geostatistically determined versus the use of a regular grid.
Drill Guide will pay for itself on your first job and save you and your customers a great deal of time and money.

Requirements: PC running Microsoft Windows 95/NT, with 24 MB RAM

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