Emissions View Features

Support for MOBILE6 emissions estimation model with a complete graphical user interface: MOBILE View which simplifies creating and performing MOBILE6 projects.
Powered by an integrated complete Geospatial Database
Engine.Graphical and manual delineation of sites and sources.
Completely integrated GIS no need to purchase additional software. 100% ESRI compatible.
GIS Metdata creation and export following the FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metdata.
Historical emissions tracking with complete
charting.Professional reporting for hard copy records, includes complete preview of all reports.
Data mining - efficient approach to obtaining the data of interest from large environmental databases without straining computer
resources.Import & Export for NIF2.0 and NIF3.0 (National Emissions Inventory Input File)
Integrated data handling with U.S. EPA emissions estimation models including:

Completely integrated GIS no need to purchase additional software. 100% ESRI compatible.
Incorporates all related emissions guidance and models into one central, unified interface where results and computations are compiled and stored in an SQL database.
Flexibility is extended with an intuitive interface to create and implement user-defined emissions calculators at any time.
Complete support for GIS standard metadata is provided through an integrated utility that fully implements the Federal Geographic Data Committee's Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata.
Emissions estimation models are tightly integrated allowing for seamless model execution and sharing of data from models such as NONROAD, MOBILE6, WATER9, LandGEM, and TANKS.
Professional reports can be printed and exported to a variety of formats such as:

Comprehensive emissions estimation calculator toolset based on industry standard approaches including AP-42, EIIP, and NEI. Over 300 validated emissions calculators produce the emissions data you are seeking. A brief overview of calculator categories include:

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