Enviro Data


Enviro Data      Relational Management For Site Data


Enviro Data is a program for storing and displaying environmental site data. The software uses Microsoft Access as a front-end user interface and any ODBC-compliant database such as Access, SQL Server or Oracle as a back-end database server. Enviro Data allows users to import analytical and other data from laboratory data files or printed reports, review the quality of the data, and then store the data in the database. The data storage structure (data model) has been carefully refined over years based on our experience of storing millions of records of environmental site data, and satisfies the rules of Fifth Normal Form data structure, as shown in the figure to the left. Users can select data using a simple form-based query system (see above) to see just the data they need. They can create a printed report, save the data to disk, or copy it to the clipboard so they can paste it into another Windows program.  Enviro Data is used to manage and display site data. The latest version allows display of graphs and maps of constituent data and storage of data from many different sites in the same database. The power and flexibility of Enviro Data - you have to use it to believe it!