Enviro Spase


Really See Your Data with Enviro Spase!



Enviro Spase is a powerful software to manage environmental site investigation and remediation data. Enviro Spase stores information on sample locations, samples, and constituent concentrations. It can draw concentrations on a map as bubbles (circles color- and size-coded by value) and can create other graphics such as Stiff (water quality) diagrams and histogram cross sections.


Base Maps - You can store and display base map and sample location data in your Enviro Spase databases. Base map data can be digitized or imported from computer-aided drafting (CAD) programs. When you import base map data from CAD, you can assign data from different layers in the drawing to map feature types in Enviro Spase. Data for samples can be selected by double-clicking on a map or list.

Contaminant Parameters - You can create a table of the parameters you want to manage and enter cutoffs and weighting factors for each parameter. Parameter lists can be different for each of your databases. There is no limit to the number of parameters you can work with or the number of samples or analyses in an Enviro Spase database. You can also store data on non-aqueous phase liquids occurrences.


Bubble Maps - Enviro Spase provides a powerful and effective way to present concentration data for a site by displaying filled circles where the size and color depend on the maximum concentration of a parameter or weighted combination of parameters within a specified depth range. You can define the cutoffs for the ranges assigned to each color and the weighting factors for combinations.

Cross Sections - The Enviro Spase program allows you to define cross sections made up of sample locations and then draw vertical sections showing a selected parameter as a function of depth. You can display several cross sections on the screen at once, together with your maps and other data, to help you really understand the configuration of the contamination at the site .


Time-Sequence Graphs - Enviro Spase allows you to easily create graphs of contaminant concentrations over time and apply EPA control chart lines based on statistical analysis of your data. This can be a major time saver when graphs must be created for numerous locations for many different parameters. Graphs can be drawn in neat rows and columns (as shown) or next to locations on maps.

Powerful Script Language - Enviro Spase includes the powerful Spase script language so you can customize and extend Enviro Spase to give you even more of a competitive advantage. You can easily write routines to select just the data you want to see, import a specific kind of data, or create just the map you need. You can even change the data model and menus to fit the specific data management needs!


Enviro Spase is the data access tool to help geoscientists and engineers solve many of the problems encountered in managing the data for site monitoring and remediation projects. Enviro Spase is a Microsoft Windows program and can easily be integrated with existing productivity tools such as the spreadsheets, word processors, and non-spatial database managers you are already using. Enviro Spase can also be used with other environmental software packages for contouring, modeling, etc. Enviro Spase comes with easy-to-use import routines for the base map and other data which is important to your sites. It also lets you enter your data by hand or import it from existing files. It's easy to edit your data and display it in the way that works best for you. And you can customize the entire system to fit your specific needs. Compare Enviro Spase to products which appear similar but cost thousands of dollars more, and the choice will be clear - Enviro Spase is the most powerful and flexible environmental database manager available.