EQuIS Hydrology

This product manages all types of surface water quality data through a flexible, easy-to-use interface. Report creation is a snap, and a specialized plotting program is included.

Physical & Chemical Data

EQuIS Hydrology works the way you do. The field observations form mimics your field log book. Modules are included for assigning tag numbers to sample bottles and routing them to the lab. During data entry, pop-up lists provide you with easy selection of data appropriate for a given field. Data quality flags can be automatically generated as you enter lab results.

Biological Data

Physical and chemical observations tell only part of the water quality story. EQuIS Hydrology includes a comprehensive biological sampling module as well. You can customize the included taxa tables to meet your own regional needs. Catalog the results of benthic, phytoplankton, or zooplankton sampling at any distinguishable level in the taxanomic tree.

Direct Import of
Electronic Files

Save time by transferring your data into EQuIS Hydrology from other electronic sources. All activities and results can be imported without the need for manual data entry.

Fast, Flexible Report Generator

EQuIS Hydrology includes a report generator that allows you to create and customize all sorts of data tabulations. Identify the results you want and how you want them organized. All reports are written to text editor window that allows you even more flexibility for editing and formatting. Print or save your reports as text or rich text, or copy them directly into your word processor or spreadsheet. Thereís even a built-in statistics report.

Graphics Included

Tabular reports are helpful, but what you really want are graphics. EQuIS Hydrology includes a plotting program tailored to your surface water quality needs. You can quickly create and customize vertical profiles, longitudinal contours, time series, and grain size plots. On contour plots, you can click anywhere in the contoured region and get an interpolated value. Customize your plots by changing line types, axis characteristics, fonts, and many other options. Print your graphics to any Windows device, or save them as metafiles for use by other programs.

GIS Interface

Like other products in the EQuIS line, EQuIS Hydrology is encapsulated by ESRIís ArcView desktop GIS. This innovative Geo-GUI (Geographical, Graphical User Interface) is powerful, but intuitive, so Casual Users, as well as Power Users, can now quickly and easily view and analyse the data.