EQuIS Geology

Geology, Hydrogeology and Geotechnical Data Management System

EQuIS Geology is the latest product in this suite of environmental data management and analysis systems. Written in Visual Basic and using the Microsoft Access database engine, EQuIS Geology offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive means of organizing geological, geotechnical, and hydrogeologic data.
Information is stored on a project-by-project basis. In a particular project, any number of borings or wells may be entered, and for each, boring samples may be specified at any number of depths. (In EQuIS Geology, only well construction information is recorded. The companion product, EQuIS, is used for time-variant water table measurements and water chemistry information.)

Project screen showing project information, boreholes in the current project, and geologic samples associated with the current borehole.



Define Import screen. By selecting the parameters you wish to import you can create an import for any data file.

Data import into EQuIS Geology is simple and very flexible. Users with GMS borehole files may import those files directly into EQuIS Geology.
To import borehole or well location data, CPT-type data, geologic sample, or stratigraphy data you need only select from the list of supported parameters and define the structure of the file you wish to import. For CPT-type data you may import any value that is measured; you need only indicate the name of the parameter before creating the import.
Data columns not supported by EQuIS Geology may be skipped so you don't need to change your file. Import templates may be saved for future use.
If your data changes, you may re-import the text file and only those fields that have been changed will be modified.
Supported Import Parameters:
Location Data:

Geologic Sample:


EQuIS Geology allows you to assign material types to stratigraphic layers and geologic samples from one of four standard material groups or unlimited custom material groups. Materials from any standard group may be assigned to a custom group. Additionally, new materials may be created. A color and brief description may be designated for each material.

Materials screen where material groups are defined and material color and description are modified.

Standard Material Groups:


Boreholes are one of the primary means of site characterization and, therefore, are an integral component of data entry. (Although some techniques such as CPT don't actually involve drilling, they are entered as "Boreholes" because they have specific x, y coordinates.) For any boring location, well construction data such as casing, screened intervals, well fill, etc. may be defined.


Borehole stratigraphy may be imported from GMS or user-defined files, or created manually. For each layer, the x and y coordinates and depth or elevation of the top of the layer are used to position the layer. Materials may be selected from any material group defined, and a 240 character comment may be associated with each layer.

Stratigraphy screen allows vertical or nonvertical layers to define the stratigraphy for a borehole.


For each geologic sample defined over a discrete interval, geotechnical properties may be defined. These properties may be exported to various external applications. An example is exporting hydraulic conductivity values for use as aquifer properties in a groundwater flow model.

Static Material Properties screen displays geotechnical properties of a geologic sample. Many properties are supported by automatic calculation.

Geotechnical Properties:


Sample data may be either continuous (CPT) or samples recovered at discrete intervals. For continuous sample data, each point in the data set can be displayed in a grid and modified. For discrete samples, each sample is identified individually by the depth at which it was taken and the thickness of the sample.
The sample material may be characterized by the standard classifications, and parameters specific to the sampling method can be recorded (i.e. blowcounts for SPT tests).


For each sample, a comprehensive set of descriptive parameters may be stored for modeling and geotechnical reporting.


EQuIS Geology easily interfaces with several of the most popular data analysis and visualization tools on the market today. These include The Department of Defense Groundwater Modeling System (GMS), Rockware's LogPlot and Stratos, Environmental Simulations Groundwater Vistas, EVS from C Tech, and GTGS. Additional interfaces are under development.


External Applications that EQuIS Geology interfaces to are managed in a simple, straight-forward manner. By browsing to the location of the application, EQuIS Geology establishes a link that is then used to launch the application.

EQuIS Geology Basic Package Includes Interfaces To:
Modules beyond the basic package may be purchased at an additional cost.


Borehole, well, stratigraphy, geologic sample, and CPT-type data may be exported to a LogPlot data file using the EQuIS Geology LogPlot export. The export builds a list of all LogPlot keywords used that may be saved or printed for aid in creating a LogPlot template.


Borehole stratigraphy, water level, and CPT-type sample data may be exported to GMS. This information can then be used to create solid models and cross-sections. Sample data parameters may also be exported for use in building a groundwater flow model.


One of the tools provided by EQuIS Geology is a simple unit calculator. For many parameters commonly used in geotechnical or hydrogeologic engineering, converting from standard to SI is as easy as entering a value and choosing from a list of units.


486/Pentium with Windows 3.1x/95/NT and 8 MB RAM (24 MB RAM recommended).

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