Environmental Visualization System (EVS) software is available for your PC running any version of Microsoft Windows. C Tech unites state-of-the art analysis and visualization tools into extremely powerful software systems developed to meet the needs of geologists, geochemists, environmental or mining engineers, oceanographers, archaeologists and modelers. C Tech provides true 3D volumetric  modeling, analysis and visualization to help you unlock the mysteries and discover the trends in your data. The more advanced versions of our software allow these to be customized and combined to satisfy the analysis and visualization needs of any application. Ourpowerful tools will reduce your site assessment costs and enhance your company's capability to analyze and present data for assessments, financial and remediation planning, litigation support, regulatory reporting, and public relations.

EVS Standard

EVS-Standard is C Tech's baseline customizable 3D analysis and visualization system. EVS-Standardincludes all of the capabilities of EVS for ArcView and adds a modular, customizable environment for geologists and environmental engineers. Some of its additional features include: finite difference and finite element modeling grid generation; 3D fence diagrams; multiple analyte data analysis; arbitrary slicing & cutting in addition it provides pre- and post-processing for MODFLOW, MT3D and CFEST. Note: EVS-Standard has no support for the creation of animations.

EVS Professional

EVS-PRO is C Tech's most popular product for state-of-the art analysis, visualization and animation!EVS-PRO builds upon all of the capabilities of EVS & MAS and adds advanced gridding, model building, output options, geostatistics capabilities, animation and GIS functions to accommodate litigation support, public relations and the more demanding requirements of earth science professionals. Additional features include high level animation support, real-time terrain fly-over, advanced geologic modeling, interactive fence-diagrams, 4DIM & VRML II output; ODBC Database connectivity, and much more.

MAS - Modeling Animation System

Modeling Animation System offers the visualization and animation capabilities of EVS-PRO in the EVS modular paradigm without the geologic modeling and geostatistics capabilities of EVS-PRO.MAS (a subset of EVS-PRO) offers EVS-PRO's multi-parameter animation and visualization (including the ability to create 4DIM animations) for virtually all modeling applications. Supported modeling software includes GMS (Femwater, MODFLOW, MT3D), Groundwater Vistas, Visual MODFLOW, CFEST and more. Includes one year of software maintenance, upgrades, and technical support.