Well Log Digitizing


Fastlog, the well log digitizing system from Digi-Rule Inc. is a software package specifically designed to take full advantage of the features of the Rat, a hand held digitizer invented by Digi-Rule. The system offers unique versatility and portability previously unavailable in digitizing hardware or software. The software uses a proprietary regridding technique which compensates for poorly reproduced copies and provides constant tracking, scale checking and correction as the log is digitized. Any length of log can be digitized on any flat surface without taping down and with only one initial calibration. Our unique foot pedal ("Rat Pad") allows the operator to input data by pressing on the Rat Pad with a foot. Switch from point by point mode to streaming mode by simply pressing down on the Rat Pad.

The interactive graphics display allows the operator to always have a visual verification of the log data as it is digitized and hard copy plots can be produced to any scale and report quality.


Once digitized, logs can be used with CrossLog- cross section program, Synth- synthetic seismogram program, or Interpalog- 2D seismic modeling program.

FastLog Platforms