FLOWatch Operations 2000

Try Operations 2000 in your membrane facilities.

This software is mainly geared towards assisting the plant manager and plant personnel store and track crucial plant data on flows, water quality, chemicals addition and general maintenance. It also provides a centralized place for conducting data analysis, create performance charts and periodic reports. It has a fully functional work management system that stores repairs and replacements on any plant related issue, and a reminder screen that helps plant personnel itemize daily tasks.

Project data can be entered in American or SI/Metric Units. Irrespective of the unit system used for entering data, it can be viewed in alternate units, e.g., data from a project created in the SI/Metric units can be viewed in American units.

The software follows an intelligent data tracking paradigm that provides plant personnel with a benchmark on performance. FLOWatch Product, FLOWatch Reject and FLOWatch Blended are 3 streams that show performance data based on theoretical prediction. The osmotic pressure/concentration polarization model is used to calculate the predicted flows and water quality. This can be compared with actual data stored for corresponding 'real' streams namely Product, Reject and Blended waters. Any difference between 'expected' and 'real' efficiency can be minimized by taking appropriate measures (such as chemical dosing etc.). Because plants expend considerable amount of money during operation, our aim in creating Operations 2000 was to help plant managers save costs and man-hours by centralizing access to information and analysis.

We spent several thousand man-hours on the design and development of Operations 2000, and talked to numerous operators and plant managers in the U.S. We profoundly thank them for their input, which helped us refine the functionality, look and feel of the software. To that effect, we hope this software will help you in the daily management of your membrane facilities, and provide much needed cost savings during operation.

Note: FLOWatch also helps plant managers migrate existing data to Operations 2000.

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