GALENA is one of the most powerful and flexible slope stability analysis systems available anywhere in the world allowing you to analyse ground stability quickly and accurately using models that simulate geological conditions.

GALENA is a simple, user-friendly yet very powerful slope stability software system, so you can simulate complex geological, groundwater and external force conditions without wrestling with frustrating computer instructions.

GALENA has been developed by geotechnical engineers for practical use in the field. Tested on a wide variety of earth and rock slopes, dams and cuttings so you can be sure you're gaining the benefit of practical experience not just engineering theory.

GALENA incorporates three methods of slope stability analysis so you can assess a wide range of ground stability problems in both soils and rocks.

  • The BISHOP Simplified method determines the stability of circular failure surfaces.
  • The SPENCER-WRIGHT method for either circular or non-circular failure surfaces.
  • The SARMA method for problems where non-vertical slices are required, or for more complex stability problems.
With all three methods available in one package you can tackle any problem in a variety of ways without stopping to load a new program.

Back Analysis

GALENA's rapid back analysis function takes the trial and error out of determining ground support requirements. It can be used for both back analysis of past failures and for the design of existing slopes. It answers the question of 'What strength is required' rather than 'what is the stability of the slope'.

Back analysis curves for sensitivity studies. (Click to enlarge)

Searching within Known Constraints

In the real world engineers are only concerned with stability within certain limits. GALENA introduced the concept of 'restraints' allowing you to focus your investigations on realistic failure surfaces taking account of geological structure.

GALENA enables you to define the failure surface in terms of the actual slope rather than in terms of an abstract point in space, for greater accuracy.

Dam with Stone Columns. (Click to enlarge)

Sophisticated Geological Modelling

GALENA enables you to define the soil or rock composition of a particular problem independently of the structure or excavation being considered for fast assessment of design options.

The slope surface is independent of the material profiles in terms of definition, and can be moved without changing any of the material profiles.

In the models pictured, the geology was defined first (top). Then the slope surface was defined for analysis based on the mine plan (bottom).

Sophisticated Geological Modeling - First the definition..... (Click to enlarge)

....Then the slope, failure surface etc. are added for analysis. (Click to enlarge)

Failure Criteria

GALENA offers Mohr-Coulomb or Hoek-Brown failure criteria for assessing both soils and rocks.

Dam stability with labeling. (Click to enlarge)

Defining Water Pressures & Other Forces

Ground water pressures, the most important parameter affecting the stability of structures and excavations, need to be defined realistically for different problems.

GALENA enables water pressure to be defined as:

  • a simple phreatic surface
  • a piezometric pressure on one or all layers
  • an Ru pressure on one or all layers
  • a dense above-ground liquid medium such as tailings slurry or
  • any combination of these
GALENA also allows definition of tension cracks, surface point and distributed loads, and earthquake forces. Tension cracks can be manually defined or can be specified for GALENA to automatically generate them for all analyses on the run.

Simulation of retaining wall stabilizing force. (Click to enlarge)

Benched slope with crest loading. (Click to enlarge)


GALENA is engineer-friendly software.

GALENA's data structures are logical - definition of most options is available at the press of a button.

GALENA's model files are designed for 'what if' scenarios with single option amendments for additional analyses.

GALENA offers clear graphical images for a clear understanding of the situation being modelled.

GALENA is a menu driven program which makes it easy to use for first time operators.

Dam augmentation using mimimum profile points and properties. (Click to enlarge)

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