What is GPS-X?
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GPS-X is a modular, multi-purpose computer program for the modelling and simulation of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Whether you are designing a new facility, or simulating an existing plant, GPS-X will help improve your design quality and operating efficiency.

Improved performance of your treatment plant does not always require an increase in its size and complexity. You can improve capacity, operating efficiency and effluent quality by properly optimizing your existing facilities. This can result in dramatic capital savings and lower operating costs.

What Do Our Clients Say?

``GPS-X is a great tool. It was successfully applied in a project in which the return activated sludge flow was adjusted as we extended from pre-denitrification to build a separate post de-nitrification step. We found that the return activated sludge flow could be reduced by more than 50% since we didn't need to return the nitrates. Energy savings due to reduced pumping costs were US$ 21,500 a year, thicker sludge with easier dewatering, as well as better settling properties were the result.''

``The sensitivity analysis and steady-state solver are the features we like the most. The GPS-X technical support is great!''

Åsa Dillner Westlund,
Process Engineer
SYVAB, Sweden
``We have been using GPS-X mainly to assist with capital scheme development. I have recently completed a works design using GPS-X. Had the works been designed using conventional rule-of-thumb design techniques it would not have achieved consent. GPS-X exposed the weakness in the design philosophy being adopted and helped better identify what was actually required. In fact a new activated sludge process which had been planned to be built was postponed because GPS-X showed that it was not necessary. In cash terms this meant we were able to save around 5 million. However, I believe the benefits are more than just the bottom line - what value do you put on getting it right, i.e. Confidence?''

Nick Fawcett
Yorkshire Water, Bradford, UK

Cost savings due to DO control
Maximizing your cost savings is easy with GPS-X.