Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics DESCRIPTION

Gordon D. Bennett's popular 1976 "Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics - A Programmed Text for Self Instruction," for which he received the Geological Society of America's Meinzer award, is now available as an electronic book. Bennett's self-guided tutorial is presented with hypertext links between questions on ground-water hydraulics in the following seven chapters:

1. Definitions and General Concepts

2. Darcy's Law

3. Application of Darcy's Law to Field Problems

4. Ground-Water Storage

5. Unidirectional Nonequilibrium Flow

6. Nonequilibrium Flow to a Well

7. Finite-Difference Methods

A. Generalizations of Darcy's Law
B. Partial derivatives in ground-water flow
C. Development of additional solutions by superposition
D. Techniques of finite-difference solution of the ground-water flow equation

Answering the question correctly "jumps" you to a further explanation and another question that further tests your understanding. An incorrect answer is explained and you are sent back to the original question to make another choice.

This electronic book will be very useful for a range of users' experience, from the newcomer to ground-water hydraulics to the individual seeking to "brush up" on some fundamental aspect. You can study in the privacy of your office or home at your own speed. It's a perfect supplement for a university or college professor seeking to cover more material outside of lecture. It comes with 26 illustrative sample calculations which re-enforce the content of the book.

This electronic book may be annotated by the user with his or her own notes; the text and accompanying graphics may be copied into any Windows application. The electronic book comes complete with a searchable list of book topics. It's a "stand-alone" application using the Mathcad Engine, requiring no additional software.

Ground-Water Hydraulics Requirements: 486/Pentium running Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95), 4 MB RAM, and 1.5 MB hard disk space.