A flexible coordinate geometry software


GWN-COGO has features that enable you to:

  • Complete any surveying or subdivision related project in minimal time
  • Automate many labor-intensive phases of design projects saving manpower and related costs
  • Use a wide command and feature palette that allow you to do all tasks in a highly-efficient and productive manner
  • Use extensive data safety features that ensure total quality of all your projects
  • Enable a high degree of flexibility: design in 2D or 3D by a simple command or choose a nongraphic format
  • Use a batch-mode option that allows you to do multiple tasks off-line

GWN-COGO Specifications and Features

- 4.x.x

- MicroStation
- AutoCAD

- PC, HP9000, Sun Sparc, Intergraph Pro, DEC Alpha, Japanese NEC

Installed Size
- Under 3 MB (Including Demo files)

System Requirements
- 8 MB RAM minimum
- Math coprocessor

- MicroStation pulldown menus
- AutoCAD pulldown menus
- Over 100 dialogue boxes (one for each command)
- Command window keyin option
- Sidebar menu
- Function Key menu
- DOS environment operation

Method of Input
- Keyboard
- Graphic selection of elements
- Batch file processing

Method of Processing
- Interactive with graphics
- Batch file processing

User-Definable Settings
- Command names
- Order of input prompts
- Setting of optional or required status for some inputs
- Point Information length
- Figure Table description length (up to 1000 characters)
- Element attributes (permanent or temporary settings)
- Predefining text attributes and position
- Units of precision for distance/angle/area text annotation
- Generated output filenames (or directly to printer)
- Types of report generation (files, screen)
- Overwrite warning or override option of point and figure ID's
- Delete unwanted commands

Data Integrity
- One to one relationship between the data files used by GWN-COGO and the design file
- Backup and Restore command in pulldown menu
- Automatic backup (before each command) option.
- Batch Processing of Audit Trail or Report files to regenerate coordinate data

- Stored as 3D coordinate with an alphanumeric ID up to 8 characters in length - Unlimited number allowed

- Descriptors may include points or figure ID's (also in combination) up to 1000 characters in length - Unlimited number allowed

Point Creation Commands
- Location related to combinations of distance, direction, angle, bearing, deflection
- By coordinate input
- Duplication of an existing point
- Intersection of figures, distances, directions, lines, arcs, offsets, points and numerous combinations thereof
- Division and proportion of lines, arcs, area and direction adjustments
- Cul-de-sac, Cul-de-sac Bend and Street Intersection commands
- Curve, Spiral, Arc calculation and generation commands

Plotting Commands
- Figures
- Points
- Cells
- Lines
- Shapes
- Line Strings

Annotation Commands
- Area
- Figure
- Coordinate (11 combinations of Northing, Easting, Elevation and Point Information)
- Alignment
- Stations
- Label Alignment

Adjustment Commands
- Least Squares
- Compass Closure
- Affine Transformation
- Helmut Transformation
- Three Axis/Scale/Offset Transformations

- Index and Glossary
- Detailed information for each command with examples
- Tutorial section
- Detailed information on Parameter File and Feature Table settings

- Batch Processing
- Subdivision setup and lot division
- Placement of cells as features
- Traverse and adjustment
- Road alignment with spiral curve embedded 

GWN-DTM, GWN-COGO, GWN-STORM, and GWN-SURF are an integrated set of programs which provide powerful mapping, design, municipal applications, spatially-related planning functions, storm sewer design, and highway design to demanding users of engineering, scientific survey and mapping disciplines. They are interactive within AutoCAD and MicroStation.


The GWN-COGO is the most comprehensive COGO available on the market today. It provides you with features and options that enable you to finish any surveying layout or subdivision-related project in minimal time.

High productivity
The GWN-COGO automates many labor intensive phases of your design project saving on manpower and related costs. Its wide command and feature palette allow you to do a multitude of tasks in a highly-efficient and productive manner.

User friendly
You will be able to implement GWN-COGO in a short time and with minimal training as the software is easy to learn and use. You will utilize the familiar user interface of either MicroStation or AutoCAD while working with GWN-COGO, whether it be on PC or workstations.

Data safety
GWN-COGO uses an audit file and multiple automated back-up/restore features to guarantee the highest degree of data safety. It makes your work more efficient and ensures the total quality of your project.

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