A sophisticated digital terrain model


Digital Terrain Modeling and Contour Mapping

With GWN-DTM you can easily create contours or design roadways, dams, open pit mines, sites - practically anything on the earth's surface. GWN-DTM will save you time and money while improving the overall project efficiency.

GWN-DTM's Unsurpassed Power
GWN-DTM processes all data at one time even for large projects - the software has been tested by processing over 500,000 spatial points in one batch. There is no need to break the data into smaller sets, which saves you time and enables you to concentrate your efforts on the project at hand. You can further save time and effort by using the batch processing mode which allows you to process multiple tasks off-line. With batch mode, the processing can be done, for example, overnight.

Maximum Flexibility with GWN-DTM
GWN-DTM has been designed with open architecture, i.e., the software can be modified to suit your specific requirements. You can incorporate your own utilities and execute GWN-DTM's commands in the sequence you need.

No Hidden Costs in GWN-DTM
When you purchase GWN-DTM, you will not have any additional costs. There is no need to buy different modules to perform specific tasks. With GWN-DTM you get it all in one comprehensive package - from contouring to alignments, cross sections, earth works and slope analysis, it is all there.

GWN-DTM is available on MicroStation and AutoCAD on multiple platforms. Whether your choice is PC, Sun or HP workstations, DEC Alpha, Windows or a combination of these, you will find the same unequaled qualities of GWN-DTM working for you.


- 6.0.x

- MicroStation
- AutoCAD

- PC WINDOWS 3.1/95/NT
- HP9000, Sun Sparc, Japanese NEC

Installed Size
- Under 3.0 MB (Including Demo files)

System Requirements
- 8 MB RAM minimum under MicroStation (PC)
- 8 MB RAM minimum under AutoCAD (PC)
- Math co-processor
- 16 MB RAM min. under UNIX
- HP-UX v.9.0, SUN OS4.x

- MicroStation/AutoCAD pulldown menus
- Over 65 dialogue boxes (one for each command)
- DOS environment operation

Method of Input
- Keyboard
- Dialogue box

Method of Processing
- Interactive with graphics
- Batch mode

User-Definable Settings
- Feature table
- Element attributes on import
- Units (English/Metric)
- Precision for elevations and stations
- File names (naming convention)

Data Integrity
- File-based (no information, e.g., TTM, contours, will be lost if design files are corrupted)

- Stored as 3D coordinates
- Unlimited number allowed

Utility Module
- Extract element
- Digitize element
- Select element
- Station linear element
- Extract X-sections polygon
- Extract TTM polygon
- Densify string (breakline) data
- Append ASCII files
- Delete files
- List ASCII files
- Feature maintenance
- Global settings
- Set file data masks
- New job
- About

Base Module
- Format foreign ASCII data to TA2
- Import TA2 ASCII file into graphics
- Export TA2 format data from graphics
- Import a terrain model into graphics
- Import a skirt into graphics
- Import contours by index/elevation
- Clip TA2 data by polygon
- Build a terrain model using external TA2 file
- Build a terrain model using current graphical elements
- Apply breaklines
- Modify TTM Absolute elevation
- Modify TTM Relative elevation
- Merge design terrain model
- Append terrain models
- Modify TTM Edit vertices
- Modify TTM Delete facets
- Modify TTM Add triangle
- Modify TTM Add point within triangle
- Clip a terrain model by polygon
- Compress a terrain model
- Contour a terrain model
- Smooth/weed contours
- Label contours
- Terrain model query (Z on plane)
- Terrain model drape: TA2 format data
- Terrain model drape: overlay grid
- Prismoidal volumes
- Grid volumes

Profile/Section Module
- Alignments
- Annotate alignments
- Profile a terrain model
- Display profile graph
- Add profile to graph
- Edit X-section assignment
- X-section a terrain model
- Display X-sections graphs
- Display X-section/profile graphs

Template Design Module
- Import design profile into graphics
- Export design profile from graphics
- Edit design profile
- Vertical curve design
- Design templates
- Edit template assignment file
- Generate design X-sections
- X-section volume report
- Survey layout report
- Merge design X-section
- Convert 2D profile to 3D

Slope Analysis Module
- Edit ratio assignment
- Slope ratio
- Slope drainage
- Slope area
- Line of sight
- Edit projection assignment
- Project to surface
- Project to elevation
- Merge projection

Annotation Commands
- Annotate alignment
- Station linear element
- Design profile grades

- Index and Glossary
- Detailed information for each command with examples
- Detailed tutorial/training section
- Detailed information on Parameter File and Feature Table settings

- Tutorial/training guide
- Detailed information on use of commands
- Users own data may be substituted for sample data

GWN-DTM, GWN-COGO, GWN-STORM, and GWN-SURF are an integrated set of programs which provide powerful mapping, design, municipal applications, spatially-related planning functions, storm sewer design, and highway design to demanding users of engineering, scientific survey and mapping disciplines. They are interactive within AutoCAD and MicroStation.

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