A storm, sewer, and water design package

GWN-STORM allows designers to work inside the graphics environment. Pipe, manhole and drainage information are stored in dBASE III files which are linked to graphical elements placed by the designer. These elements can be placed in plan view (top) in either 2D or 3D.
Once the input is completed, the storm sewer network can be automatically sized and located by invert elevations. The system can handle any type of branched network. Currently no short circuiting or cross connections are allowed. The design process supports the Rational Design flows which are computed automatically from the drainage area input, the addition of base flows and manual input.
The designer can override pipe sizes which are automatically calculated by the model. He can lock the modified pipes and automatically redesign. The model will adjust the pipe downstream of the modifications accordingly. In addition the user can also step through the design one pipe at a time and change as required. The user can size the pipes for a 5 year storm and then process a 10 year storm through the system.
Once a system has been designed, the user can selectively plot profile graphs of branches of the network. This can be done by identifying the starting and ending pipes. Users have full plotting control, e.g., vertical exaggeration, grid stationing, labeling, etc. The profile formats are compatible with GWN-DTM profiles.
The system will also compute the hydraulic grade line (HGL) for each profile.
A pop-up calculator for hydraulic and hydrologic design is also provided. The hydraulic calculator allows users to estimate pipe diameter, slope or flow by user input of two of the three variables; the third is automatically calculated. With the use of pipe tables, the available pipe is automatically selected based on the design pipe size.
In addition to the pipe table, the user inputs a user-edited design table which contains minimum/maximum velocity, minimum/maximum slope, minimum cover, etc. The values from this table are used for input to our knowledge-based design process. Intensity-duration-frequency data (IDF) can be entered as constants or as paired data from a curve table.
This software has been designed to provide the user with a cost-effective tool for interactive storm sewer design and modeling. The modular form of the complete system provides the ease of use and flexibility demanded by today's professionals.
The use of sophisticated and efficient methods of data processing will shorten the time required to project completion. This efficiency allows the user to obtain the maximum productivity from a minimal investment in computer hardware, software and training time. GWN-STORM gives your company the competitive edge to complete projects with professional and accurate results.
GWN-STORM is flexible and does not require any file-naming conventions for running the programs. However, suggested naming conventions, methodologies, hints and a sample project are included. Graphical display interchange programs and on-line tools are provided for popular computer graphics systems such as AutoCAD and MicroStation. The open architecture concept allows the user to develop applications and interfaces to meet specific requirements.
Method of Input: Keyboard, Digitizer / Mouse

Data Management

- Performs automatic data import to create new themes and templates from existing data
- Data can be viewed/edited based on graphic feature selection
- Third party applications and command line options can be linked to graphic features and coverages (raster viewers, text editors, etc.)
- ADE-compatible linkage with ASE conversion utilities (AutoCAD)

Data Integrity

- Accessible industry standard database format files (dBASEIII, dBASEIV, FOXPRO, PARADOX, ORACLE, INFORMIX)
- Graphic linkage verification


- Feature based text attributes
- Automated labeling


- Accepts graphic and SQL query selection criteria
- SQL based query language
- Store and retrieve custom queries
- Dialogue based query builder
- Standard browse and edit utilities
- Active query results are maintained between work sessions
- An additional high speed dBASE server is provided for the MicroStation 4.0 version

Query Results

Results can be manipulated as follows: labeled, colored, patterned, hatched, moved, copied, deleted, extruded, located


- Index and Glossary
- Detailed information for each command with examples
- Tutorial section
- Detailed information on Feature Table settings


- Complete theme data samples are provided (template, coverage, and database)
- Includes most pertinent GWN-FM commands in a step by step format for a typical FM session
GWN-DTM, GWN-COGO, and GWN-STORM are an integrated set of programs which provide powerful mapping, design, municipal applications, storm sewer design, and highway design to demanding users of engineering, scientific survey and mapping disciplines. They are interactive within AutoCAD and MicroStation.



- MicroStation Version 4.0 & 5.0
- AutoCAD Version R12


- PC, HP9000, Sun Sparc, Japanese NEC

System Requirements

- 4 MB RAM minimum
- Math coprocessor

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