Surface modeling software


A world-class surface modeling package with contouring capabilities, profiling and slope analysis

GWN-SURF (Surface Modeler) utilizes the same powerful engine that drives the GWN-DTM-Digital Terrain Model. GWN-SURF can be operated in MicroStation and AutoCAD with a multitude of platforms (DOS, Windows 3.x/95/NT). All software is written with open architecture which lets users modify and customize the products to suit their specific requirements. GWN-SURF also gives users the full range of MicroStation and AutoCAD commands and menu options while running GWN-SURF.

GWN-SURF is based on a series of integrated micro-based software modules which together in this software package provide powerful interactive contour mapping and design capabilities for civil engineering requirements to demanding users of many engineering, survey and mapping disciplines. This Surface Modeler is as industrially strong as the Digital Terrain Model (GWN-DTM), uses the same engine, and provides many of the same features, giving a Project Manager assistance in keeping track of many projects. The Project Manager can then allow the user easy access in placing project files on any drive (YES! even network drives), providing a functional method of digital file organization.

GWN-SURF users can use existing terrain models and contour maps or build their own terrain models. Visualization of terrain models can be viewed in dynamic 2D or 3D format from any point of view. It allows users to utilize a vertical exaggeration scaling factor to more easily visualize differences in ground surface models generated. GWN-SURF allows creation of contours by user-defined increments (English or Metric), choice of contour line thickness/color/color banding, the ability to smooth/weed contours within a user-defined corridor and label contours either above, below or in the contour line (user-defined text font/size/color). Terrain models can be created from a variety of data which can be polygonized and clipped. Terrain models can be queried and draped. Alignments can be created. Graphical presentations of profiles can be generated. Slope analysis can be produced.

GWN-SURF offers a surface-to-surface method of volumetric calculation, slope area and drainage area analysis. Pad shoulder designs can be generated with projection to surface. Linear elements can be stationed along the pad design for establishing extra data points for more accurate volumetric calculations. Volume reports can be automatically generated.

GWN-SURF Specifications and Features

- 2.x.x

- MicroStation
- AutoCAD

- PC, HP9000, Sun Sparc, Japanese NEC

Installed size
- Under 3 MB (Including Demo files)

System Requirements
- 8 MB RAM minimum
- Math coprocessor

- Pulldown menus
- Dialogue boxes
- Command line input
- Sidebar menu

Method of Input
- Keyboard
- Digitizer / Mouse

User-Definable Settings
- Feature attributes
- Predefining text and graphic attributes
- Types of report generation (files, screen)
- Themes are template-based and can be easily added or edited to manage any application

Data Management
- Performs automatic data import to create new themes and templates from existing data
- Data can be viewed/edited based on graphic feature selection
- Third-party applications and command line options can be linked to graphic features and coverages (raster viewers, text editors, etc.)
- ADE compatible linkage with ASE conversion utilities (AutoCAD)

Data Integrity
- Accessible industry-standard database format files (dBASEIII, dBASEIV, FOXPRO, PARADOX, ORACLE, INFORMIX)
- Graphic linkage verification

- Feature-based text attributes
- Automated labeling

- Accepts graphic and SQL query selection criteria
- SQL-based query language
- Store and retrieve custom queries
- Dialogue-based query builder
- Standard browse and edit utilities
- Active query results are maintained between work sessions
- An additional high speed dBASE server is provided for the MicroStation 4.0 version

Query Results
Results can be manipulated as follows:
- labeled
- colored
- patterned
- hatched
- moved
- copied
- deleted
- extruded
- located

- Index and Glossary
- Detailed information for each command with examples
- Tutorial section
- Detailed information on Feature Table settings

- Complete theme data samples are provided (template, coverage, and database)
- Includes most pertinent GWN-FM commands in a step-by-step format for a typical FM session

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