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HydraGraphics: The Ultimate Sewer Model HydraGraphics is the most practical and comprehensive solution for sewer analysis, design and management software. This information gives you an overall look at the HydraGraphics software suite including HydraGraphics for Windows, the HYDRA hydraulic analysis engine, and GISMaster, a graphical data entry and editing interface for AutoCAD.
For stormwater, sanitary wastewater, or combined collection systems
Unmatched options for generating sanitary flow injections
Sophisticated stormwater runoff methods
Powerful infiltration/inflow capability
Dynamic modeling to find worst-case scenarios
System design features, construction cost estimation, and more

Powerful Analysis for Comprehensive Sewer Management

HydraGraphics is designed specifically for the unique challenges of analysis, design, and management of storm, sanitary, and combined collection systems. HydraGraphics is a geographical information system (GIS) built around the industry standard HYDRA hydraulic analysis engine.
HydraGraphics will prove to be a practical tool to help you plan for the operation, maintenance, and future expansion of your collection system. Design engineers, project managers, and department directors alike can analyze multiple "what if" scenarios for many typical projects. There simply is no other product available as flexible, powerful, and practical as HydraGraphics.

How Will You Use HydraGraphics?

The Ease of Windows

HydraGraphics is similar in look and feel to many other Windows products so you can be up and running relatively quickly.

Powerful Query Tools

HydraGraphics includes sophisticated query tools to help you view and manipulate your system data. These tools can be used to speed data entry and editing, facilitate analysis, or to enhance display outputs.
Some examples of typical queries:

Highlight in green all pipes with flows greater than 2.5 cfs. Highlight in red all surcharged pipes. Highlight in yellow all 18- to 30-inch pipes.

Powerful Analysis with the Industry Standard Hydra -- Since 1973

At the heart of the HydraGraphics software system is the HYDRA storm and sanitary sewer hydraulic analysis engine. As a result of input by thousands of users through the years, it is extremely powerful and flexible. HYDRA pioneered many hydraulic analysis techniques - some of which are common place today, and some of which have yet to be matched by other hydraulic models.

Leader in Hydraulic Analysis

HYDRA takes a uniquely practical approach to hydraulic analysis. It is extremely sophisticated in areas where accuracy is critical, and is simple in areas where there is no justification for compute-intensive algorithms. The HYDRA approach has proven time and again to stand strong against any other model. Municipalities and consultants have used HYDRA in over 2,000 storm, sanitary, and combined systems since its introduction in 1973. It has become the industry-standard in many regions of the United States and, increasingly, throughout the world. HYDRA has continually been improved to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Sophisticated Handling of Hydrographs

HydraGraphics includes some of the most advanced techniques for handling flow data. Many features are still not available in any other program. Flows are analyzed using sophisticated unit hydrographic routing techniques. HydraGraphics unique handling of hydrographs lets your model behave closer to how your actual system works and gives you a great deal of flexibility in data input.

Design Features

HydraGraphics includes advanced design and costing features. Every pipe size is considered for the best possible design solution.

Sanitary Wastewater Modeling

HydraGraphics gives you great flexibility in ways to model wastewater from sanitary flows. You can generate flows from any combination of a variety of methods to organize data in a way that makes sense for your unique project.

Stormwater Runoff Modeling

HydraGraphics includes sophisticated stormwater modeling features. Stormwater features are easily integrated with sanitary, infiltration, and inflow for combined flow. You can choose to generate storm flows by Hydrographic True Simulation, modified SCS methods, or the Rational method to fit your unique situation, available data, experience, or the desires of the municipality.

Infiltration / Inflow Studies

HydraGraphics is the ideal tool for infiltration and inflow studies. HydraGraphics maintains records and models base seasonal infiltration from groundwater, storm-induced rapid infiltration or interflow from collection system defects, and more direct inflow from storm-induced runoff from connected downspouts or leaking manhole covers. Infiltration and inflow are routed through the system in separate hydrographs, making it easy to accurately calibrate the model as your data improves.

Data Input and Integration

Integration of data at all levels is extremely important to municipalities today. HydraGraphics was designed from the ground up to work in harmony with existing CAD, GIS, and database software. You'll find it extremely flexible and practical for long-term use.


PC 486/Pentium with 8 MB RAM and Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/NT.

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