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HYQUAL is a Windows application designed as a water quality database. It facilitates the storage water-quality information gathered from samples and subsequent analysis of the data with the help of tabular and graphic reports. HYQUAL can be set up to provide standard determinand dictionaries for chemistry, biology, microbiology, hydrology, sewage disposal and water supply. Custom determinand dictionaries can be added by the user. Flow data may be stored as instantaneous values and as mean daily flow. HYQUAL uses a hierarchical structure to store information. Predefined sets of determinands can be assigned to sample types. Samples are linked to sample points that can be grouped into convenient "clusters" based on particular geographical features such as a reservoir or sewage works. These clusters are then grouped into regions. The Windows environment of HYQUAL provides ease of data entry, flexible information selection and retrieval, and support for a wide range of graphical output. Other features include access passwords for different levels of user, on-line Help and a full tutorial.


Industrialization and agricultural intensification have made the monitoring of chemical and biological pollution of water resources increasingly important. A database system, HYQUAL, has been developed to assist in managing the storage and analysis of water quality data. It is intended for use wherever storage of sample data of water for ingestion, hygiene, agricultural, industrial or recreational purposes is required.

Water quality is one of the many environmental issues that are increasingly the concern of managers in commerce and industry. HYQUAL can be used to organize and present water quality data in a manner that is easily assimilated by nontechnical managers. The database provides a stimulus for collecting data in a more systematic manner, thereby providing the basis for a better understanding of water quality problems. The tables and graphs are useful tools for data verification, quality monitoring and as a first step for input to modeling studies.


HYQUAL runs under Microsoft Windows using standard Windows user-interface methods:


HYQUAL data is stored in a hierarchical manner allowing sample points to be grouped into clusters that may be defined by any convenient method; for example, by using descriptions of geographical features such as river reaches, sewage treatment works or reservoirs. Groups of clusters are assigned to user-defined geographic regions for added convenience. A password system is used to control the level of user access.

HYQUAL graphs include time series, scatter plots, bar graphs and multisite plots. The Windows environment permits several tables and graphs to be displayed simultaneously, facilitating quick and easy comparison of data for different sites or time periods.

Data can be imported and exported to standard ASCII format to allow data interchange between HYQUAL and other software packages. Future development of HYQUAL will include the provision of a geographic information system (GIS) and links to PC-QUASAR which will assist the design of river water quality models.

HYQUAL Requirements: 486/Pentium running Microsoft Windows.

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