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Hytran v2.7.1
Water Hammer Software

for Windows 9x, NT4 & 2000

Hytran is a Windows software package for analyzingHYdraulic TRANsients in pipelines and is written in the object oriented C++ language for Windows 9x, NT4 & 2000 environment. Intuitive Windows graphics enable a pipeline to be drawn, input data, edited and ready for analysis in minutes.

Real time transient graphics are displayed flashing across the screen as the transients propagate through a pipeline. Indicators are provided to show cavitation and flow direction to provide a full picture of the water hammer phenomenon.

Transients at any location in the network may also be viewed.

Sneak Preview Click here for transient display (1.2 Mb)

Steps for analysis
1  Draw the network and input data
2  Select plotting positions for transients
3  Run the transients
4  Review results, edit and try different control devices and rerun

Why Another Program?

There are many programs available to analyze water hammer problems - so why another one?. Over the years, Dr Lawgun has frequently been asked if he knew of a good, BUT SIMPLE, to use water hammer program. It seemed that most software packages available at the time, required considerable time to learn and were rather cumbersome to use.

Unless the program is used frequently, the learning process is often forgotten and relearned when the need arises. Or, the specialist engineer leaves and another engineer must grapple with the problem all over again.

Hytran provides software support and technical support via email.

For purchasing and leasing options please contact us.

The Hytran Goal

The goal in developing HYTRAN, apart from being an accurate analytical tool, was to produce software that is simple to use, and able to impart a better understanding of the water hammer phenomenon. The Windows environment is ideal for achieving this goal. Seeing real time transient graphics flashing across the display screen takes away much of the mystery that seems to surround this topic.

About the Developer

The developer of HYTRAN, Dr Norman Lawgun, has had over 20 years experience as a consultant to many of the major Civil Engineering consulting companies in Auckland, New Zealand. The program was first developed in Fortran using mainframe computers while Dr Lawgun was lecturing at the School of Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand. With the growing power and popularity of the PC, the Windows object oriented version was launched in the mid 90's. The entire program is written in Microsoft's Visual C++.

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