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Boundary Conditions

  • atmospheric discharge
  • air chamber
  • air valve
  • inline check valve
  • dead end
  • discharge tank
  • draw off
  • downstream reservoir
  • pressure regulating valve
  • pressure relief valve
  • pump station
  • surge tank
  • turbine
  • upstream reservoir
  • downstream valve
  • inline valve

Sneak Preview
Click here for transient
display (1.2 Mb)

Drawing the Pipeline network

On starting Hytran, the drawing view is opened and ready for drawing the pipeline network. The pipeline can literally be drawn in minutes.

  • Select the pipe drawing tool to draw the network
  • Select the Boundary conditions from the pallet, drag and drop onto nodes
  • Select the input tool  and place over pipes and boundary conditions to open input dialog boxes
  • Select the locations where transients are to be plotted (see colored vertical lines 1, 2 & 3 in the window below)
  • Run the transients
  • Review results, edit drawing and try different methods of control


View the main window for drawing below.

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