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Editing the drawing

The drawing may be edited at any time. A comprehensive set of window editing tools are available to change the drawing. The editing toolbar is displayed under the menu bar of the window. The cursor changes shape to identify the editing tool selected.

Editing Toolbar

Draw Pipe: Click mouse to start pipe, move pipe end and click. Right click to end pipe sequence
Input Data: Click on Pipe arrow or Node with BC to input data
Reverse Flow: Click on a pipe to reverse flow direction
Split Pipe: Click on pipe arrow to split pipe into 2 pipes
Move: Grab a node or Plot Node Line and move to new location
Snap Nodes: Snap 2 nodes together
Change Coords: Click on node to enter new coordinates
Plot Node Lines: Place on pipeline to locate a Plot Node Line to observe transients
Cut & Paste: Cut a control device from a node and paste to another node
Copy & Paste: Copy a control device from a node and paste to another node
Delete: Drag a rectangle around a node, control device or pipe to delete
Parameters: Change scales, run times & other plotting parameters
Change Scales: Enter new scale in dialog box, or
Point any cursor on scale axis, click to open dialog box
Zoom Larger: Magnify the drawing
Zoom Smaller: Shrink the drawing
Refresh: Refresh drawing to clear any unwanted lines
Clear: Clears screen for new drawing
Elevation View: Click to show elevation view
Plan View: Click to show plan view
3D View: Click to show 3D view (Display only for NT4 & 2000)
Alternative Deleting Tools:
Delete BC: Click on BC to be deleted
Delete Node: Click on node to be deleted
Delete Node & BC: Click on node with BC to delete both
Delete Pipe: Click on flow direction arrow to delete pipe

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