InterpaLog is our new program designed to perform two dimensional seismic modeling from log data. InterpaLog is now part of the Digi-Rule Synthetic Suite, along with Log Edit and Synth. This program simplifies the creation of synthetic seismic from sonic or density log data. You first create a log section, select the correlations to base the reflections on, then interpolate the log curves between the wells, then tell the program how to interpolate the changes between wells, then create a seismic trace model from that model. Interpalog is a 32 bit application that works with Windows 95/NT.


  • Import well logs from Digi-Rule Log program, and therefore you can convert LAS, QCTECH, Petrorep, USGS and Century formats for Interpalog.
  • Select any number of wells and position them in the section either with offset or shotpoint values, or graphically with the mouse.
  • Import tops from log files or create them and pick them graphically. Set colors and patterns for these tops. Tops do not need to be continuous through the section, but can onlap or subcrop.
  • With Log Edit, you can create composite curves, merged curves, value conversions from equations, even speculative curves for what-if modeling.
  • Display well logs in drilled depth or elevation, or in seismic time.
  • Interpolate by selecting whether to stretch or squeeze, remove top portions (e.g. erosion) or bottom portions (e.g. onlaps) to change thicknesses. Interpolation will fill in missing curve sections in wells by using adjacent wells.
  • Apply check shot corrections.
  • Flatten the seismic on any correlation.
  • View interpolated log models and seismic trace models simultaneously.
  • View seismic traces in wiggle, variable density or color amplitudes or any combination.
  • Save the seismic model in SEG-Y format.

InterpaLog will help you create a section like this:

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Interpolate the log curves to create this model:

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