Open Pit Optimization and Sequencing

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Who's buying MaxiPit and NPV Scheduler?

Codelco, Chile (copper)
De Beers, South Africa (diamonds)
Placer Dome, Canada (gold)

Miller Mining, UK (coal)
Ultrafertil, Brazil (phosphate)
Normandy-LaSource, France (gold)
MBR, Brazil (iron ore)
CSN, Brazil (iron ore)
Knight Piesold, Argentina (borax)
Millennium, Brazil (mineral sands)
Ashanti Goldfields, Ghana (gold)
Polymetal, Russia (gold)
Sishen, South Africa (iron ore)
Rio Tinto, UK (various)
Orapa Mine, Botswana (diamonds)
Amplats, South Africa (platinum)
Placer Pacific, Australia (gold)

  • Choice of input block model formats;
  • Windows 95/98/NT™ ease of use;
  • In-built pit surface contouring;
  • In-built charting and graphics;
  • Integrated Windows text editor;
  • Integrated Windows spreadsheet;
  • Choice of output block model formats;
  • Lerchs Grossman method;
  • Multiple slope regions and sectors;
  • Interactive definition of slope region boundaries and surfaces;
  • Handles multiple rock types;
  • Handles multiple processing methods;
  • Handles multiple grades and products;
  • Underground economic limit option;
  • Pit limits controlled by internal and external, depth limited polygons;
  • NPV optimised extraction sequence;
  • Nested pit generation.
Earthworks MaxiPit is an ultimate pit shell and pit sequencing optimiser. The user is guided through the operation of the program with a flow sheet style control panel which gives the user clear indication of the processing path and the options available at each step. These options include excellent 2D and 3D charting and contouring tools allowing the user to quickly validate and present the results of an optimisation. MaxiPit is also supplied with the Earthworks Data Source Drivers for easy import and export of block models from Datamine, Vulcan, Medsystem, Surpac, Micromine and generic text and SQL database files.

Control PanelThe ultimate pit optimiser is based on the industry standard Lerchs-Grossman method and features treatment of multiple ore types, multiple processing methods and multiple grades or products. Interactive tools are provided for creating slope region boundaries and surfaces, and definition of pit limit polygons. The user can specify a discount rate and mine production rate to generate a block extraction sequence which delivers the optimal net present value to the project. Each block in the output model is individually numbered to show the theoretically best mining sequence. In a single optimization run, any number of pit phases can be generated using a value reduction factor. The pit phases provide a family of nested pits which indicate the sensitivity of the ultimate pit to cost-price variations. The sequence and phase numbers stored in the output model provide an excellent guide to any first pass manual design of interim pits.

MaxiPit actually exceeds the capabilities of pit optimizers that retail for over three times the price. The results produced by MaxiPit have been verified by independent consultants and in-house validation studies.

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