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MFworks Spatial Analysis Engine

MFworks provides a unique combination of power, scope, ease of use, and cost which is unequalled in today's GIS market.

"MFworks is one of the most powerful, easy to use, raster based GIS packages currently on any system.."

Fred K. Limp
GIS World

MFWorks, for both Windows and MacOS platforms, is based on on 10 years of success with raster-based GIS development. This single package combines the most highly demanded elements of spatial analysis, mapping, and image processing into a simple and efficient tool.

MFworks provides a powerful suite of analytical and modelling capabilities with a user-friendly interface. MFworks is perfect for new and experienced GIS users who are interested in creating their own solutions to spatial analysis problems.

MFworks represents an easy to use toolbox for the analysis and visualization of spatial data. This desktop application is an excellent complement to existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It can also employ unique analysis features as a stand-alone product. The intuitive interface allows both new and expert users to master the system quickly and to explore spatial processing ideas creatively.


"Overall, MFworks is a great cross-platform raster mapping package which has developed into the complete article on performance, functionality and support. If you get the chance, try the demo. You will probably be impressed."

Prof. J. Raper
City University, London, England.
GeoEurope Review - May 1999.

If you need to create attractive maps, store spatial data, conduct meaningful analysis, or model environmental interactions and changes, then MFworks should be part of your tool set.

MFworks is descended from a long line of popular raster GIS packages like MAP II and Map•Factory. These GIS products have been used for years by educators who want their students to truly understand spatial analysis and modelling.

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