Color Features

MFworks employs a powerful set of color management windows that allow users to enhance and visualize maps in a variety of ways. User defined color sequences can be guided by the contents of the map or at the discretion of the user.

The color management facility is one feature within MFworks which accentuates visualization. Data values can be assigned particular colors by simply selecting the legend entries and choosing a color sequence. For example, this can be used in flood zone areas, by assigning specific colors to all elevations higher than an identified value. The colored areas would depict zones where construction is permitted within the region.

24-bit Color

The availability of millions of colors empowers the user with advanced coloring flexibility.

A pop-up color menu has been added to make it easier to change the color of a map zone, the color of the drawing zone, and the end points of a color sequence. The "Other..." item at the bottom of the pop-up menu can be used to display the standard color picker dialog.

Colors are also accessible from the legend of each map. Legend entries may be individually controlled or sections can be defined and have a color sequence applied to them.

Advanced Color Sequencing

A simple to use color sequencing facility that gives the user control of image enhancement and logical data association. Color sequences can be selected using one of three paths through color space, and applied to data sequentially or based on change in data values or areas.

CMY, RGB and HSL Options

The color management facilities feature three color models to meet your needs. You can define color using: Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (CMY); Red, Green, and Blue (RGB); or Hue, Saturation, and Lightness (HSL).

Scripted Color Control

MFworks also allows you to control map color schemes from the Script Window. This lets you create batch file processes for making a large series of maps all conform to the same color sequence.

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