Legend Control

"... the legend toolkit is particularly impressive. A drop-and-drag legend template allows users to define the overall legend structure as well as the present components. The user can group categories from an elevation map and apply different color schemes."
Dr. F.Limp - GIS World 1998

MFworks comes with an extensive legend management system that allows the user to customize the legend layout, contents, text characteristics, numerical formats, and display formats. The user can control the true appearance and spacing of the legend elements. This is also reflected in the Map Layout Window when legends are placed in a map composition. Any changes to the original map are dynamically displayed in the Layout portion of MFworks.

Legend Format Window

The Legend Format window includes drag and drop editing facilities that allow the user to control the layout and contents of a legend.

Automatic Area Calculation

The legend can be formatted to calculate automatically the area of each category in cells, sq. cm, sq. m, sq. km, or hectares.

Bar Chart Formatting

The Legend format window can also be used to create a histogram representation of the value frequency distribution in a map.

Legend Entry Grouping

The facilties in the Legend window allow the user to select a range of legend entries and collapse them into logical groups. There is no loss of information within the individual categories when zones are grouped.

The import facility can use text files to add large quantities of text-based information to a legend. The user can also export existing text information in a legend for use in another program.

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